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A friendly fortnightly forum for the open discussion of recent instrumental developments and thought-provoking research using SANS, Reflectometry and Neutron Spin-Echo Spectroscopy.

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Previous Talks

April 25thE100Chuck Majkrzak (NCNR/NIST)Progress on the development of the polychromatic beam reflectometer (CANDOR) at the NCNR
April 11thE100Michihiro Nagao (NCNR/NIST)Synchrotron-Based Quasi-Elastic Gamma Ray Spectroscopy and Its application to Lipid Bilayer Dynamics
March 28thE100Alexandros Chremos (MML/NIST)Solvation and its influence on the solution properties of electrolyte and polyelectrolyte solutions
March 14thE100Cheol Jeong (NCNR/NIST)Towards Truly Stealth Nanodiscs
February 28thE100Ryan Need (NCNR/NIST)A resonant X-ray reflectometry tutorial for solid state physics experiments
February 21stE100John Riley (NCNR/NIST)Branching and alignment in reverse worm-like micelles studied with simultaneous dielectric spectroscopy and RheoSANS
February 7thE100Jeff Richards (NCNR/NIST)Colloidal Fluids as Electrical Current Collectors
November 29thE100Ekaterina Nestorovich (Catholic U.)Lipid Composition and pH Regulate Anthrax Toxin Protective Antigen Behavior and Lethal Factor Binding
November 1stE100John Barker and Steve Kline (NCNR/NIST)VSANS: First Measurements and New Capabilities
October 18thE100Iain McKenzie (TRIUMF)Muon spin rotation, relaxation and resonance: Complementary techniques to neutron scattering for studying magnetism, superconductivity and soft matter
October 4thE100Alexander Sodt (NICHD, NIH)Molecular and continuum modeling of curvature stress and lateral heterogeneity in membranes
September 20thE100Steve Hudson (MML/NIST)Solution Rheology
September 6thE100Ryan Murphy (U. Del., NCNR/NIST)Mapping the nature of anisotropic colloids with short-range attractions
August 23rdE100Antonio Benedetto (Univ. College Dublin, PSI)The Effect of Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids on (model) Biomembranes: a joint Neutron Scattering, AFM, and Computer Simulation Study
August 15thE100Ekaterina Heldwein (Tufts U.)The great nuclear escape: mechanism of membrane budding during nuclear escape of herpesviruses
August 9thE100Amy Xu (U. Mass Amherst)Characterization of macromolecular interactions between proteins and polysaccharides
July 25thK04BOlga Matsarskaia (Univ. Tübingen)Tuning protein phase transitions using multivalent salts: a multi-technique approach
July 19thE100Guangcui Yuan (NCNR/NIST)Glass transition: from interaction changes to the corresponding structural and relaxation responses along the path of reaching the final equilibrium
June 28thE100Tyler Martin (MML/NIST)Polymer Reference Interaction Site Model (PRISM): Experimental and Computational Applications
June 21stNeumann CafeKrista Freeman (Carnegie Mellon U.)Scattering techniques to study double-stranded DNA viruses
May 31stE100Ken Rubinson (NCNR/NIST)What SANS Tells us About Heparin's Size, Shape, and Solution Structures
May 17thE100Ingrid Hallsteinsen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim)Induced ferromagnetism in oxides by geometrical lattice engineering
May 3rdE100David Londono (DuPont)Recent SANS/USANS Experiments at NCNR
March 22ndE100Erkan Senses (NCNR/NIST)The role of nanoparticle size on multiscale chain dynamics in polymer nanocomposites
February 22ndE100Thomas Cleveland (NCNR/NIST)SANS studies of membrane protein incorporation and crystallization in the lipidic cubic phase
January 25thE100Paul Neves (U. Md. SURF)A Compact Superconducting Multidirectional Helmholtz Coil for SANS Skyrmion Measurements, a SURF Summer Project
January 11thE100Ramón Castañeda Priedo (Universidad de Guanajuato)Colloidal Soft Matter
December 7thE100Maria Monica Castellanos (NCNR/NIST & IBBR)Characterization of the NIST mAb Reference Material Using Small-Angle Scattering
November 16thE100Ru Chen (U. Del., NCNR)Towards wearable electronics and sensors: structure and tensile properties of cross-linked Pluronic-diacrylate copolymers/ethylammonium nitrate iono-elastomers
November 9thE100Susana Teixeira (NCNR/NIST)SANS of proteins under pressure
October 26thE100Dan Hussey (NCNR/NIST)A white beam far-field neutron interferometer
October 12thE100Hongyu Guo (NCNR/NIST)New hierarchical porous materials prepared by colloidal self-assembly methods
September 14thE100Steven Howell (NCNR/NIST)Dynamic Conformations of Nucleosome Arrays in Solution from Small-Angle Scattering
August 31stE100Wei-Shan Chiang (NCNR/NIST)Methane Adsorption in Model Porous Materials Studied by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
August 24thK04BBrian Maranville and Paul Kienzle (NCNR/NIST)Online data reduction for neutron reflectometry at NCNR
August 3rdE100Michael Zhang (Univ. Delaware)Introduction to Interfacial Rheology
July 29thE100Ricardo Ferraz Leal (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)SANS Data Reduction at HFIR and SNS
July 20thE100Jeff Kryzwon & Brian Maranville (NCNR/NIST)A Power User's Guide to Running With NICE
June 22ndE100Katie Weigandt (NCNR/NIST)µRheoSANS for Probing Structure at High Shear Rates
June 8thE100Minh Phan (Sogang University)Langmuir Monolayer and Surface Scattering Techniques for Membrane Biophysics Studies
May 25thE100Jeff Richards (NCNR/NIST)A New Dielectric RheoSANS Instrument for the study of Flow Battery Electrodes
April 27thE100Dustin Gilbert (NCNR/NIST)Realization of Ground-State Artificial Skyrmion Lattices at Room Temperature
April 13thE100Guangcui Yuan (NCNR/NIST)Gelation and glass transition of large hard spheres with short-range attraction induced by the bridging of small soft microgels
March 30thE100Cindi Dennis (MML/NIST)Effect of Applied AC Magnetic Field on Response of Magnetic Nanoparticles
March 2ndE100Vivek Prabhu (MML/NIST)Hierarchical Structure and Dynamics of Triblock Copolymer Solutions
February 17thE100Erik Brok (NCNR/NIST)Colloidal Structure Determination Using Small Angle Neutron Scattering of Polymer Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Early Detection of Disease
February 3rdE100Max Qinhong Hu (Univ. Texas Arlington)How Nano-sized Hydrocarbon Molecules Move in Fine-Grained Reservoirs with Spatial Wettability?
January 17thE100Alex Grishaev (IBBR/NIST)Dimensions of unfolded proteins from SAXS and FRET data
December 2ndE100Javen WestonGelation of Nanoparticle Dispersions via Electrostatic Heteroaggregation
November 18thE100Erkan SensesMultiscale polymer relaxation in nanocomposites with dynamically asymmetric interphases
October 28thE100Brian KirbySpatial evolution of the ferromagnetic phase transition in an exchange graded film
October 14thE100Markus BlueulIntensity Modulation in SANS Experiments
September 30thE100Jaseung KooNeutron Reflectivity Measurement for Polymer Dynamics near Graphene Oxide Monolayers sketchnote
September 16thE100Brian JoseyAssociation of Neurotransmitters with Lipid Bilayer Membranes
September 2ndE100Dan SundayCharacterizing Block Copolymers and Block Copolymer Blends for Directed Self Assembly
August 26thE100Katharina Theis-BroehlSelf assembly of magnetic nanoparticles at silicon surfaces
July 22ndE100Daniel SeemanProtein Charge Anisotropy Mediated Self-Association and Phase Separation
May 7thE100Joe DuraNafion interface structures: what do we know and how well do we know it?
Apr 16thE100Wei-Shan ChiangAdsorption Mechanism of Methane in Model Porous Materials Studied by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
Apr 9thE100Franz AdlmannNeutron scattering with sub-millisecond resolution
Mar 25thE100Jeff RichardsComposite Nanoparticles for Electronics Applications
Mar 11thE100Michelle CalabreseThe effect of branching on the nonlinear rheology and microstructure of wormlike micelles
Feb 25thE100Ella MihailescuObserving transitions to pore-forming states of antimicrobial Piscidins
Feb 11thE100Doug GodfrinImplications of Dynamic Cluster Formation in Concentrated Protein Solutions
Jan 28thE100Elizabeth KelleyDeveloping amphiphilic block polymers for emerging nanotechnologies
Jan 21stE100Frank HeinrichThe Solution Structure of the PTEN Tumor Suppressor
Dec 17thE100Norm BerkThe Inverse Scattering Problem: The Limits of What We Learn from Neutron Scattering
Dec 3rdE100Terrence JachPatterned Nanoporous Frameworks to Position and Orient Biological Molecules for SANS (and WANS) Studies
Nov 19thE100John BarkerThe New Very Small-Angle Scattering (VSANS) Diffractometer at NIST pdf
Nov 12thE100Frank HeinrichCompostion space modeling for biological neutron reflectometry pdf
Oct 29thE100Kathryn KryckaUse of magnetic reference structures in spin-polarized SANS pdf
Oct 15thE100Chuck MajkrzakCan reference structures be employed in SANS in a way analogous to that used in specular neutron reflectometry? pdf
Oct 1stE100Susan KruegerOverview of Current Methods in the Study of Biomolecular Structure by SANS in the Dilute Solution Limit pdf
Sept 10thE100Nick ClarkSmall-Angle Neutron and X-ray Scattering and Atomistic Modeling of Intrinsically Flexible Proteins: Reflections from an AMGEN/NIST Post-doc pdf
Aug 25thE100John BarkerTemperature Dependence of Background Scattering from Materials Found in SANS pdf
Aug 13thE100Rana AshkarComplex polymer dynamics in PMMA-carbon composites pdf
July 31stE100Leslie "Jingle" Ruppert (USGS)Unconventional Reservoirs: A Game Changer for Hydrocarbon Production and Research Science
May 28thE100Mike HoreUnderstanding Polymer and Surfactant Surface Coatings on Nanoparticles Using SANS.
May 14thE100Amanda Mcdermott (MSED)Probing the Interlamellar Amorphous Phase in Semicrystalline Polyolefins Using Vapor-Flow SANS
May 7thE100Jenny Kim (MSED)Quantitative analysis of water distribution in ionic block copolymer membranes for alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cells (AAEMFC) by SANS study
Apr 16thE100Robert BradburyNanoscale delivery vehicles for optimised perfume delivery
Apr 2ndE100David HoogerheideMotion of Single Polymers Confined in Nanopores
Mar 19thE100Jie ChenFrom depletion attraction to bridge attraction: The effect of solvent molecules to the effective colloidal interaction
Mar 5thE100Hao Shen (Univ. of Delaware)Analysis of Absolute Scattering Intensity Under Uncertainty pdf
Feb 19thE100Alex GrutterEmergent Interfacial Ferromagnetism in CaMnO3-based Supperlattices
Feb 5thE100Chris BertrandHydration-dependent dynamics of confined water pdf
Jan 8thE100Max WatsonScaling Laws, the Golden Ratio, and the Small-Angle Scattering of Biomolecules pdf
Dec 18thE100Boualem HammoudaNeutron Focusing on VSANS
Nov 20thE100Frank HeinrichPeptides, proteins, and protein complexes at the lipid membrane
Nov 13thE100Daniel HusseyA Neutron Microscope for Energy and Materials Research
Nov 6thE100Steve KlineSimulating SANS data - fixing what's wrong before it goes wrong
Oct 30thE100Bharath Natarajan (CNST)A Quantitative Exploration of the Effect of Interfacial Phenomena on the Thermomechanical Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites
Sep 25thE100Brian MaranvilleCalculation of nonspecular reflectivity with wave packets in the distorted Born wave approximation
Sep 18thE100Norm BerkFirst-principle theory of the scattering of a neutron wave packet from a grating structure.
Sep 13thE100Rob DimeoWave packet scattering in one dimension: visualizations of the transmission and reflection phenomena, resonances and metastable states, and paradoxical phenomena.
Sep 11thE100Chuck MajkrakMeasurements of the effective transverse coherence of a neutron wave packet.
Sep 4thE100Brian Collins (Polymers)Exploring novel scattering contrast mechanisms of resonant x-rays in organic matter
Aug 21stE100Jeff KrzywonEffect of Varying Detector Counts on SANS Data Fitting
July 24thE100Ken RubinsonAn Introduction to PEG's and Her Shorter Brother Oligo's Story about Water's Structure and Free Energy
June 26thE100Nestor Valadez Perez (Univ. of Guanajuato)Cluster formation and Percolation for a Colloidal System with competing interactions
May 29thE100Ken RubinsonStructure Determination of Functional Membrane Proteins Using SANS
May 15thE100Ken RubinsonSurprises in the SANS of some ionic solutions (with questions for the audience)
May 1stE100Wangchun ChenSANS polarization analysis for soft matter applications
Apr 16thE100Adrian Rennie (Uppsala University)Better Understanding of Small-Angle Scattering from Round-Robin Measurements
Apr 3rdE100Tatiana PerevozchikovaProtein Aggregation as a Consequence of Surface Association
Mar 13thE100 Daniel ScottConformational dynamics of the T cell receptor: Driving antigen recognition and "possibly" T cell signaling.
Feb 28thE100 Andrew Nelson (ANSTO)Interfacial Structure and Bulk Dynamics of Alkyl Ammonium Nitrate Ionic Liquids and an overview of some of the interesting science done on Platypus, the TOF neutron reflectometer at OPAL
Feb 13thE100Kathleen Wood (ANSTO)Protein dynamics using neutron spectroscopy & overview of Quokka, the small angle neutron scattering instrument at the Bragg Institute
Jan 29thK-04BHao Shen (Univ. of Delaware)Small Angle Neutron Scattering on Polymer-Based Solar Cells
Jan 23rdE100Amit VaishDevelopment and Characterization of Biofunctionalized Interfaces for Specific Capture of Transmembrane Proteins
Jan 4thE100Paul Durfee (Univ. of New Mexico)Biodistribution of Mesoprous Silica Nanoparticles
Dec 12thE100Matthew Wasbrough and Brian MaranvillePreliminary ideas about NICE for SANS and Reflectometry
Nov 28thE100Michael HoreUnderstanding gold nanorod dispersion in polymer melts using SANS and polymer field theory
Nov 7thE100Katie WeigandtStructure-Function Relationships of Self-Assembled Fibrillar Gels
Oct 26thE100Doug GodfrinSANS shear cell development and applications
Oct 10thE100Nick ClarkThe Biophysical, Biochemical and Structural Characterization of Poly[ADP-ribose] Polymerase-1 [PARP-1] and its Complexes with DNA-Damage Models and Chromatin Substrates
Sep 12thE100Max WatsonViscous Dissipation In Lipid Bilayers and Implications for Neutron Spin-Echo Spectroscopy
Aug 29thE100Beth Stadler (Univ. of Minnesota)3D Close-packed Magnetic Arrays
Aug 15thE100Brian KirbyDepth resolved magnetometry of graded anisotropy nanostructures
Aug 1stE100Jeff KrzywonRheoSANS Capabilities at the NCNR
July 19thE100Antonio FaroneNSE Study of the Coherent Dynamics of a Typical Fragile Glass-Former, meta-Toluidine.
June 6thE100Michael DimitriouPerfluorocarbon functionality in block copolymers: control of surface composition and structure.
May. 23rdK-04BNestor Valadez PerezPhase behaviour of colloidal model systems with attractive short-ranged interactions
May. 9thE100Susan KruegerSANS Studies of Proteins in the Solid State: Insights into Protein Crowding and Cold Denaturation?
Apr. 18thE100Hailiang ZhangImproving X-ray Structures of Large and Uneven B-factors by An Anisotropic Sharpening Method
Mar. 19thE100Mathieu Doucet (Oak Ridge)MANTID Data analysis Project
Mar. 14thE100Joe DuraSolid-electrolyte interface in lithium ion batteries
Mar. 5thK-04BWangchun ChenUpdate of SANS polarization analysis using a 3He spin analyzer
Feb. 15thE100Katie SarachanStructural Studies of the SMN-Gemin2 complex
Feb. 1stE100Matt WasbroughNanostructured hydrogel films for encapsulation and release
Nov. 16thE100John Barker2D Anger Scintillation Detector for vSANS : Review of Existing Technology
Nov. 9thE100Andrew JacksonWater Uptake in Polymer Electrolyte Membranes
Feb. 23rdE100Meg SobkowiczStructural Study of Polymer-Fullerene Solutions for Organic Photovoltaics using SANS
Feb. 9thE100John BarkerVSANS Technical Update
Jan. 26thK04Ron JonesnSoft : Advancing Neutron-based Measurements for Soft Materials Manufacturing
Jan. 12thE100Charlie GlinkaVSANS Project Update
Dec. 14thK04Xin LiProspect of Spin-Echo Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SESANS) in Soft Matter Characterization
Nov. 17thE100Andrew JacksonICE for SANS Scientists
Oct. 20thK121Aaron EberleSaving the World with Nanoparticle Aggregation
Sep. 29thE100Nina VerdalStructure and Dynamics of LiBH4 Confined in a Carbon Aerogel
Sep. 1stE100Cameron NeylonSANS 2.0 - Scattering in the Age of the Internet
Aug. 19thE100Matthew WasbroughMesostructured Polymer/Surfactant Hydrogel Films for Encapsulation and Release
Aug. 2ndE100Daeyeon LeeAll-Nanoparticle Thin Films Based on Layer-by-Layer Assembly
Jul. 21stE100Ron JonesRotational SANS: Reflection, Transmission, and everything in between
Jul. 7thE100Bulent AkgunStubborn Brushes
Jun. 9thE100Michihiro NagaoDynamics in Surfactant Membranes
May. 25thE100Wangchun ChenDevelopment of SANS polarization analysis
Apr. 15thE100Sumit GargDynamics of Cholesterol Exchange
Apr. 7thE100Jeff KrzywonProposal for a Standardized Sample Environment Communications Protocol
Apr. 1stE100Chaitanya MudivarthiDeciphering the origin of magnetostriction in Fe-Ga alloys
Mar. 17thE100Frank HeinrichA self-consistent 1D composition-space model for biological structures
Mar. 3rdE100Duncan McGillivrayGot Milk? : Food Science Down Under
Feb. 17thE100Chris RobertsProtein Assembly and Stability
Feb. 3rdE100Aaron EberleNanostructure and rheology of nanoparticle gels and suspensions
Jan. 20thE100Sang Hak ShinPhase behavior of poly (ethylene oxide) in ethanol/ water mixtures
Dec. 2ndE100Hirsh NandaStructure and Function of Membrane Bound Proteins Characterized by Neutron Reflectivity
Nov. 18thE100John BarkerOptions for a polarizing device for NG7-SANS
Oct. 22ndE100Steve KlineExperiment Planning and Data Simulation Tools for SANS and USANS
Sept. 30thE100Kathryn KryckaMagnetic Canting within Fe3O4 Nanoparticles in High Fields
Sept. 3rdE100Brian MaranvilleA Magikal Mystery Tour
Aug. 19thE100John BarkerTOF SANS at Reactors: the D33 concept ... is it worth it ???
Aug. 12thE100Yun LiuLyzosyme Clusters in Concentrated Solutions Studied by SANS and Spin-Echo
July 29thE100Jiang DuAggregation of alpha-Chymotrypsinogen Protein in Solution
July 15thE100Susan KruegerFlexible structure modeling software for flexible proteins
July 1stE100Charlie Glinka and David MildnerA Coherent View of Incoherent Scattering
June 10thE100Ken RubinsonAlmost simple geometric models for SANS
June 3rdE100Frank HeinrichMonte Carlo Resampling of Neutron Reflectometry Data: from tiny program to factotum
Fri. May 1st 10:30E100Boualem HammoudaA New Guinier-Porod Model
Apr. 16th 15:00E100Paul ButlerSelf assembled phases in mixed lipid systems
Apr. 8thE100Andrew, Cedric and JeffHandling ICE practically
Fri. Mar. 13th 14:30E100Andrea HamillControlling Protein Conformation with Light through the Use of Photoresponsive Surfactants
Mar. 4thE100John BarkerAbel, Fourier and Hankel : Transformations between SANS, SESANS and real space
Feb. 18thE100Steve KlineSurprising solubilization of a micelle gel
Jan. 14thE100Mike MartinInteractions in ICE: a SANS Project
Dec. 17thE100Yumi Ijiri (Oberlin College)Magnetic correlations and structures in iron oxide nanoparticles
Dec. 5thE100Yun LiuCounterion association and intra-structural change of a dendrimer in aqueous solutions
Nov. 19thE100Daniel PhelanFascinating results from ferroelectric relaxors
Nov. 5thE100Jeff KrzywonLabVIEW Control of SANS Sample Environment
Oct. 15thE100Mark LaverContrasting studies of the vortex lattice in YBCO and Nb
Thurs. Oct. 2ndE100Ben UelandHoMnO3 -- remarkable things in a multiferroic manganite
Sept. 10thE100Charlie GlinkaTISANE at the NCNR: Current status and future prospects
Aug. 20thE100 3pm
Lionel Porcar (ILL)
Stephen King (ISIS)
SANS across the pond
Aug. 13thE100John BarkerAn esoteric examination of backgrounds
Aug. 6thE100John BarkerUpdate on the VSANS venture
July 23rdE100Matthew GlazerTriplet correlations in weakly disordered arrays of flux lines
July 9thE100Andrew JacksonMeasuring HIPE : Emulsions and the ancient quest to understand packing
June 25thSummer School (no seminar)
June 11thE100He ChengRe-examination of the Structure of Tetrahydrofuran Water Solution
May 7thE100Lionel Porcar and/or Ursula Perez-SalasNon-ideal mixing of lipids
April 30thE100David MildnerMagnesium fluoride as a thermal neutron filter
April 16thE100Matthieu DoucetHow to write custom analysis with DANSE software
April 2ndTrailerSteve KlinePolymerized surfactants and variations
March 19thTrailerBoualem HammoudaSANS modelling
March 5thTrailerKathryn KryckaPolarized SANS studies of magnetic correlations in magnetite nanoparticles
Feb. 27thTrailerPaul ButlerUnderstanding the microstructure of sunscreens

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