NIST Center for Neutron Research

2009 NCNR/NSF Summer School Schedule

A full schedule is available in Microsoft Excel and PDF formats.

Key for the schedule:

TIMEMonday, June 22Tuesday, June 23Wedesday, June 24Thursday, June 25Friday, June 26
8:15 AMBus Leaves Hotel
8:30 AM Bus Leaves HotelBus Leaves HotelBus Leaves HotelBus Leaves Hotel
8:45 AMIntroduction    
9:00 AMDan Neumann
Scientific Research with Neutrons
Experiment I AnalysisExperiment II AnalysisBela Farago
Mainstream and bizarroid experiment selection from NSE
Peter Gehring
Choosing the Right Spectrometer
9:15 AM     
9:30 AM     
9:45 AMM. Scott Dewey
Fundamental Properties of the Neutron
  Experiment III AnalysisBruce Gaulin
NSSA promo speech
10:00 AM    Student Preparation Time
10:15 AM     
10:30 AMCoffee Break    
10:45 AMBob Williams
How Neutrons Are Produced
Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break
11:00 AM Experiment I AnalysisExperiment II AnalysisExperiment III AnalysisStudent Preparation Time
11:15 AMJohn Copley
Dynamics & Neutron Scattering
11:30 AM     
11:45 AM     
NoonTom Johnston
Health Physics
12:15 PM     
12:30 PMLunch    
12:45 PM     
1:00 PM  Student Poster Presentations  
1:15 PM Experiment II Jeff Lynn
Iron-based Magnetic Superconductors
Student Preparation Time
1:30 PM     
1:45 PMExperiment I    
2:00 PM   Experiment III AnalysisStudent Presentations
2:15 PM     
2:30 PM     
2:45 PM     
3:00 PM  Experiment III  
3:15 PM     
3:30 PM     
3:45 PM     
4:00 PMCoffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee BreakSummer School Ends
4:15 PMExperiment IExperiment IIExperiment IIIFacility Tour
4:30 PM    
4:40 PM    
5:00 PM    
5:15 PM    
5:30 PM    
5:45 PM    
6:00 PMBus Leaves NISTBus Leaves NISTBus Leaves NISTBus Leaves NIST
6:30 PMSummer School Banquet
Normandie Farm Restaurant - Potomac, MD