NIST Center for Neutron Research

Summer School Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the NIST/NSF summer school, please feel free to contact the most relevant person listed below. If we cannot answer your question, we will forward you onto someone who can.

We would like to thank Yamali Hernandez and David Mildner for their hard work as the co-chairs of the 2009 NCNR Summer School as well as Julie Keyser and Mary Ann Fitzgerald for their administration of the summer school.

Application Process and Acceptance

Ms. Yamali Hernandez
(301) 975-5295

Summer School Coursework and Curriculum

Dr. David Mildner
(301) 975-6366

Other General Questions

NCNR User Office
Julie Keyser and Mary Ann Fitzgerald
Telephone: (301) 975-8200
Fax: (301) 975-2351