NIST Center for Neutron Research

For Those Receiving Financial Assistance

All receipts, except for food, are required for reimbursement.

Approval for financial assistance will be communicated together with the notification of acceptance to the Summer School. Summer School applicants who wish to be considered for financial assistance should indicate that on their application form. Financial assistance is available to any post-doc, graduate student and junior faculty.

Financial assistance is only available to those applicants traveling within North America from North American universities.

Students approved for financial assistance must initially pay all expenses except for airfare or train tickets. They will be reimbursed after the summer school, typically 3-4 weeks after receipt of required documentation and receipts.

Attendees will be reimbursed after the Summer School upon submission of a statement of their expenses(PDF) with receipts. The registration fee will not be reimbursed.

You will receive an email from Mrs. Becky Ogg (301-975-8200, with travel instructions; please do not start your travel arrangements until you receive this email.

Plane and Train Transportation:

Commercial airline or train tickets will be paid by NIST if and only if arrangements are made through NIST's travel agent, CWT SATO. Contact information for CWT SATO will be provided in the acceptance email and the acceptance packet. For participants traveling by train or by plane: local transportation expenses between airports or train stations and the lodging site in Gaithersburg will be reimbursed. You should plan to arrive and depart from the same airport or train station.

Attendees driving a privately-owned-vehicle (POV) to and from the summer school will normally be reimbursed at the govt. rate at the time of travel (currently $0.54/mile) for amounts not exceeding the cost of an airline ticket. If you wish to travel by POV we encourage attendees from the same institution or geographical area to travel together to help reduce costs.

If you are in any doubt with regard to how much you will be reimbursed you are urged to sort this out with one of the organizers before you finalize your travel plans.

There will be no reimbursements for car rentals for participants travelling by train or plane since transportation between the hotel and the NCNR will be provided.

Car Rental:

Participants whose institutions are 150 miles or less from NIST may be granted permission to rent a car for travel to and from the Summer School in lieu of travel by plane or train. If your request is granted, you will be instructed to use CWT SATO in order to make your travel arrangements. If you would like to know if you are eligible for car rental, please contact either Becky Ogg (, 301-975-8200) or Yamali Hernandez (, 301-975-5295).


Students receiving financial assistance are expected to pay up front for their accommodations at the hotel. The receipt for the stay should be submitted when submitting all other receipts.

Meals, Incidentals, Etc:

Attendees will be reimbursed after the summer school for meals and incidental expenses at the government rate at the time of travel (currently $69.00/day, $51.75/first and last day of travel). These rates are subject to change if the current rate changes and/or another meal is included during the week.

Remember, you must keep all receipts (excluding food) to receive full reimbursement.