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If you reduced, analyzed or visualized your data using DAVE, please acknowledge its use by including the following reference:

[1] DAVE: A comprehensive software suite for the reduction, visualization, and analysis of low energy neutron spectroscopic data , R.T. Azuah, L.R. Kneller, Y. Qiu, P.L.W. Tregenna-Piggott, C.M. Brown, J.R.D. Copley, and R.M. Dimeo, J. Res. Natl. Inst. Stan. Technol. 114, 341 (2009).

Note: For 2006 to 2012, items marked with a * include citations or acknowledgments of use of DAVE or its modules in their text, while for all others the authors personally acknowledge use of DAVE software.

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In press

2016 (65 publications)

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