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Venue, The Bolger Center

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Agenda, Aug 21-22, 2014 at the Bolger Center, Potomac, MD

Thurs August 21 Morning
Plenary talks (30 min)
8:30 - 10:40am

  • Rob Dimeo, NCNR Director - "NCNR Facility Overview"
  • Collin Broholm, Johns Hopkins University - "Impacts of Neutron Scattering on Hard Condensed Matter Physics"
  • Norm Wagner, University of Delaware - "Probing the Dynamics of Soft Matter with Neutrons"
  • Mike Toney, SSRL - "Neutrons and X-rays in Sustainable Energy Materials"

10:40-11:00am Break

Thurs August 21 Morning (cont.)
Technique Development talks (15-20 min each)
11am - 12:00pm

  • Chuck Mielke, Los Alamos National Laboratory - "Pulsed High magnetic Fields for scattering sciences"
  • Dan Hussey, NIST - "Ballistic Guides and Imaging Forming Mirrors: How to simultaneously improve resolution and intensity"
  • Chuck Majkrzak, NIST - "Polychromatic Beam Neutron Reflectometer Employing Energy Dispersive Detectors"

Thurs August 21
12:00-1:00pm Lunch in the Osgood Dining Room

Thurs August 21 Afternoon and Evening
1:00-5:30pm Breakout sessions
6:00-7:30 pm Working dinner for Subcommittees in the Osgood Dining Room at the Bolger Center
8:00pm - 10pm Breakout sessions (continued)

Fri August 22 Morning
8:30am - 12:00pm Breakout sessions

Fri August 22
12:00-1:00pm Lunch in the Osgood Dining Room

Fri August 22 Afternoon
Presentation of Reports from Working Groups

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