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Venue, The Bolger Center

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2014 Workshop Science Worksheet

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2007 Expansion Workshop Executive Summary Report

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A workshop on "Neutron Measurements for Materials Design & Characterization" will be held on August 21st and 22nd at the Bolger Center located in Potomac, Maryland.

This two day meeting aims to gather the expertise and experience of the attendees to map out the future directions for NCNR instrument development. Specific goals of the workshop are to determine:

  • new research opportunities that can be addressed by new capabilities in the NCNR Expansion
  • neutron measurement capabilities that would open new research opportunities.

In order to better achieve these targets the attendees will divide into nine groups and extensive time during the workshop will be devoted to breakout sessions.

As background, the NCNR completed a second guide hall in 2012 with five new guides and new instruments bringing our total number to 28. We are in the process of completing two additional instruments: vSANS, a new small-angle neutron scattering instrument that will permit measurements over a very broad range of length scales; and CANDOR, a broad bandwidth reflectometer using energy dispersive detectors enabling high-throughput. After completing these instruments, we will still have two vacant end positions and perhaps two additional side positions available for new neutron instruments. (Projected 2017 instruments layout)

The NCNR is also planning to install a new, high performance, liquid deuterium cold source with gains expected to approach 2.0 at longer wavelengths.

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