College Park, Maryland      June 6 - 10 , 2004

The NSSA is proud to announce the outcome of the competition for the 2004 NSSA Prize for Outstanding Student Research. From the 51 candidates in the Monday evening poster session, 9 finalists were selected by the Program Committee and received a Finalist certificate.

It was extremely difficult to decide an overall winner from the wide range of so many excellent projects, and the Program Committee finally decided to award two full prizes, each of which consists of a certificate, a plaque, and $500.

The two prizes were awarded to:

Owen P. Vajk (Stanford University)
Quantum Percolation in a Two-Dimensional Heisenberg Antiferromagnet

Timothy J. Rappl (University of California, Berkeley)
Nucleation of Phase Separation in Polymer Blends

The other finalists are:

Kapil Gupta (Johns Hopkins University)
Studying Protein Dimerization on Membranes by Small Angle Neutron Scattering

Sylvia Ellen McLain (University of Tennessee)
On the structure of liquid hydrogen fluoride

Markus Strobl (Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin)
Application of double crystal diffractometers for the tomographic reconstruction of macroscopic structures

Hans Pieter Mumm (University of Washington)
Search for Time-Reversal Violation in Neutron Beta Decay

Ronald G. Egres, University of Delaware
Rheo-SANS microstructure investigations of concentrated anisotropic particle dispersions near the shear thickening transition

Robert C. Rogan, California Institute of Technology
Strain and Texture Analysis of the Ferroelastic Behavior of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3

Matthew B. Stone (Johns Hopkins University)
Quantum Critical Phase Diagram of a Quantum Magnet

Congratulations to all these fine young researchers!

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