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Summer School on
Quantum Computation at the Atomic Scale

The scope of this summer school is two fold:

  1. To bring together researchers in the rapidly developing fields of quantum computation, mesoscopic physics, and nanostructured materials for molecular electronics to discuss current developments and to exchange ideas
  2. To give tutorial lectures on fundamentals of nanometer-scale science and technology with a special emphasis on physical aspects of quantum devices and computation.
The school is intended for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and young scientists working in condensed matter physics, materials science and related fields. The main goal is to provide an overview of this rapidly growing field so that young scientists will have the opportunity to work at the frontiers of this new exciting field.

Topics will include

  • Quantum transport, correlations, noise, and decoherence in quantum dots, Josephson junctions, nanowires and rings
  • Physics of Qubits (i.e. quantum manipulation and control, experimental realization, etc)
  • Spintronic (i.e. spin-dependent transport and control, spin qubits, molecular magnets, etc)
  • Mesoscopic superconductivity
  • Physics of single electron devices and molecular-scale electronics
  • First-principles modeling of nanodevices, interfaces, and atomic contacts
  • Experimental techniques to create, manipulate, and measure a quantum state in macroscopic systems for quantum-computing devices

Both theoretical and experimental aspects will be covered.

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