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Turkish Journal of Physics

The proceedings of the summer school QCAS2003 will be published in Turkish Journal of Physics , which is published six times a year and available on line at . The guide lines and style files for author will be posted here soon.

In addition to the proceedings of the school, we will publish the talks at this web site in pdf format. We hope that the proceedings and the lecture notes posted here will be invaluable for researchers who are new in this exciting field.


The Turkish Journal of Physics accepts any latex document using common styles. However we prefer that you use the journal's class files that is used to process the articles. Please note that you need to have latex2e installed in your system to be able to use these class files.

In the following links you will find a class file for the Turkish Journal of Physics (fizik.cls) and a tex file (temp-fiz.tex) to be used as a template. For your convenience, below we provide these files in zip, tar.gz, and uncompressed formats. Although latex is the preferred format, you may submit articles written with Microsoft Word. But keep in mind that converting these documents to latex is always problematic; in particular the conversion of equations tends to create problems in some cases. Therefore, you have to be careful about some deviations from the submitted text when you receive galley proofs.

Finally, you can get more information about the latex style files and rules from the following links:
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