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Tube Curve

  • Because of the curvature, nanotubes exhibit unique electronic and mechanical properties.
  • Moreover nanotubes, depending on their structure (i.e. chirality and radius) can be either metallic or semiconductor.

  • ``These characteristics have generated strong interest in their possible use in nano-electronic and nano-mechanical devices.''

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  • Because of their very large surface area and curvature
    ``Large amount of hydrogen and other species can be absorbed on nanotubes, making them the world's smallest gas tank.''

    animation of a classical Monte Carlo absorption simulation of H2 in a carbon nanotube lattice ``This animation shows a classical Monte Carlo absorption simulation of H2 (white) in a (10,10) carbon nanotube lattice (red) at 25 K and 1 Kbar pressure of H2. The maximum update is obtained to be around 5 % (by weight). Hydrogen molecules form two layers inside the nanotubes and a chain of line between the nanotubes.

  • Because of the very large length/diameter of the nanotubes
    '' They can be used in composite materials to obtain ultra strong materials.''
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  • Because of the chemical activity of nanotubes
    ``They can be functionalized with a wide variety of atoms and molecules.''
    Nanotube gear

    This provides opportunities for fabrication of novel devices. For example a carbon nanotube based gear can be designed where shifts are the tubes and gear teeth are benzene rings bonded to the tubes.

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    ''It is certainly too early to know which of nanotube application mentioned here will become reality. However, it is clear that they can be only feasible if we have a precise understanding of the electronic and structural properties of nanotubes. ''

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