Spin-Orbit Coupling and Topological Systems


Phase transitions in condensed matter physics generally have been identified with an order parameter that spontaneously breaks the symmetry of the system and develops long range order, such as for the magnetization that develops in a ferromagnet below the Curie temperature or the staggered magnetization below the Néel temperature in an antiferromagnet.   With the discovery of the Integer Quantum Hall Effect, and now for Topological Insulators (TI), the traditional classification of quantum phases of matter has expanded.  These latter systems lack the concept of spontaneous symmetry breaking, rather exhibiting topological order associated with the presence of nontrivial topological components that lead to gapless boundary modes with chirality. One of the essential properties of TI's is a strong spin-orbit interaction, which interaction becomes larger the heavier the element.  For the well-studied 3d systems the spin-order interaction typically does not play an essential role, which is one of the reasons attention in the condensed matter community has turned to 4d, 5d, and 5f systems. 

Half-Heusler Topological Insulators

In the so-called Z2 two-dimensional and three-dimensional systems, these topologically protected metallic states are of interest not only from a fundamental point of view, but also because they have the technological potential to transform spintronics and quantum computation applications. Even more interesting are systems that exhibit both symmetry breaking order parameters and topologically nontrivial states, which can give rise to exotic collective modes and states.  One such family is represented by the cubic half-Heusler materials on which we have been collaborating.  The antiferromagnetism breaks time reversal and translational symmetries but preserves the combination, leading to a new type of system, the antiferromagnetic topological insulator.

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