Requesting a new function for PAN's library

If you would like a new function to be put into PAN's library, you can complete a template like that shown below, filling in the red areas with the appropriate information.  Note that this means that you have to come up with a descriptive name for the function.  You can send your function to me via email and I will consider including it into PAN.

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function pan_myfunction,x,parms,$
                        parmnames = parmnames, $
                        canDraw = canDraw, $
                        _Extra = extra

; This is an example of a Gaussian parametrized in terms of its
; area, center, and full-width at half-maximum

if n_params() eq 0 then begin
  parmnames = ['AREA','CENTER','FWHM' ]

fwhm = parms[2]
sig = fwhm/2.354
area = parms[0]
cen = parms[1]
yout = (area/sqrt(2.0*!dpi*sig^2))*exp(-0.5*((x-cen)/sig)^2)

canDraw = 0