All of this data was taken from the Special Feature section of neutron scattering lengths and cross sections of the elements and their isotopes in Neutron News, Vol. 3, No. 3, 1992, pp. 29-37.

The contents of the columns are as follows:

Column Unit Quantity
1 --- Isotope
2 --- Natural abundance (For radioisotopes the half-life is given instead)
3 fm bound coherent scattering length
4 fm bound incoherent scattering length
5 barn bound coherent scattering cross section
6 barn bound incoherent scattering cross section
7 barn total bound scattering cross section
8 barn absorption cross section for 2200 m/s neutrons

Note: 1fm=1E-15 m, 1barn=1E-24 cm^2, scattering lengths and cross sections in parenthesis are uncertainties.

Neutron scattering lengths and cross sections
Isotope conc Coh b Inc b Coh xs Inc xs Scatt xs Abs xs
Li --- -1.90 --- 0.454 0.92 1.37 70.5
6Li 7.5 2.00-0.261i -1.89+0.26i 0.51 0.46 0.97 940.(4.)
7Li 92.5 -2.22 -2.49 0.619 0.78 1.4 0.0454

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These data were entered by hand from the above cited paper. As such some errors may exist. Report errors or make inquiries to Alan Munter, <>