Print options for your graph. Which graph gets printed depends how you got here. To print the compose graph click the Print button on the compose screen. To print the reduce graph click the Print button on the reduce screen. There is no support for printing the attenuator table or the footprint parameters.

The options on the left define the graph:

center centers the graph
landscape selects between portrait and landscape mode
maxpect preserves the aspect ratio of the graph
preview generates a preview in the postscript file which programs such as xdvi can use to display the graph
decorations determines the color of the graph border
colormode should be color for a color printer. Support for black and white printers is weak --- there is no attempt to use different dash patterns for the lines.

The options on the right define the paper. The defaults work for 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Output can either be to a postscript file or directly to the printer. If it is directly to a printer, use "|lpr -P<printer>". Consult your local contact regarding the names and locations of the various printers.


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