Reflectometry software installation

Please read the V-2006.06.22 release notes.

Precompiled binaries of the NCNR reflectometry are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and IRIX.

You can also download the reflectometry source tree, and follow the long set of instructions in README to build and install.

Online help for reflred and reflfit are available.


Copy reflpak-2006.06.22.exe where you want it installed on your computer (it is a single file executable, not an installation kit). We provide some sample data and a short tutorial in

Click on the icon. If you want to add start menu items and file associations to reflpak, select Install shortcuts.... This is not necessary to run the program.

To reduce data in reflred, you will first need to install Octave 2.1.73 for Windows. You can only use newer versions of Octave if you include the miscellaneous package with the octave_server() command enabled.

If you already have cygwin installed (e.g., for running X11) then you can install octave 2.1.73 and octave-forge 2006.03.17 from cygwin's setup utility. These are the version numbers as of this writing. Newer versions are unlikely to work because listen() is missing.

Once octave is installed, click the octave icon to run, and start the octave server using the command


Note that listen() is known to fail on some versions of Windows XP for Octave 2.1.50. In that case you need to download a special version of listen.oct into the directory

	C:/Program Files/GNU Octave 2.1.50/opt/octave/libexec/octave/2.1.50/exec/oct/i686-pc-cygwin/otave-forge/listen.oct
and start the octave server using the command

Mac OS X

Download and open reflpak-2011.03.02.dmg. The README file contains installation and usage instructions.


We have prebuilt binaries for Linux with gcc-3.x (reflpak-2006.06.22-linux3.tar.gz), Linux with gcc-4.x (reflpak-2006.06.22-linux4.tar.gz), and Irix (reflpak-2006.06.22-irix.tar.gz). Untar and install reflpak-2006.06.22/refl* somewhere in your path. E.g., as root:

	install reflpak-2006.06.22-arch/refl* /usr/local/bin
or as user:
	mv reflpak-2006.06.22-arch/refl* ~/bin

To run reflred, you will first need to install Octave and octave-forge. Many linux systems have pre-built binaries. For IRIX, you will have to build from source. Details are available on the octave wiki (OctaveForGNULinux, PaulKienzleIrixConf).

Once octave is installed, start octave then start the octave server using the command


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