See also attenuator controls.

Enter attenuator values. Use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy and paste values from one row to the next.

There are commands available from the Tcl console to adjust the attenuators.

Calculate attenuation between two records with one overlapping point:

  atten_from_overlap R1 R2

Calculate attenuation between two records with n overlapping points:

  atten_from_overlap R1 R2 n

Skip k points from the end of the overlap region:

  atten_from_overlap R1 R2 end-n+1:end-k 0:k-1

Copy attenuator values from R1 to R2, R3, ... and Rk

  atten_copy R1 R2 R3 ... Rk

Set attenuator from ratio

  atten_from_ratio R1 k dk

Set attenuator from sums for numerator and denominator

  atten_from_counts R1 n1 n2

Get sums from the screen with n corresponding points

  atten_from_screen n


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