NGB30SANS Instrument Publications

If you have written a paper that reports measurements using this instrument and you do not see it in the list below, or if the paper is listed but the information is incorrect or out of date, please inform Jeff Krzywon and/or Paul Butler.

If you write a paper or give a presentation that reports measurements using the NG3/NGB30m SANS Instrument, please be sure to:

  1. include an acknowledgement to the NSF, and to NIST if there are no NIST coauthors,and
  2. include a reference to the paper describing the 30m SANS Instruments: "The 30 m Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Instruments at the National Institute of Standards and Technology", Glinka CJ, et al. J Appl. Cryst. 31(3), 430 (1998). Thanks!

If you reduced your data using the Igor Macros, please include the reference ""Reduction and Analysis of SANS and USANS Data using Igor Pro", Kline, S. R. J Appl. Cryst. 39(6), 895 (2006).

Please be aware that all papers with NIST coauthors must be reviewed and approved by the Washington Editorial Review Board (WERB). Members of WERB are concerned not only with scientific merit but with three specific matters: measurement uncertainties, the use of SI units, and brand names. For more detailed information please visit WERB and/or speak with your NIST coauthor(s).

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