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All proposals must be submitted via our web-based NCNR-IMS database application. To do so, log on to your NCNR-IMS account . Follow the same link to create an account if you don't have one.

Note: Internal beamtime requests must be submitted in the same manner.

For detailed information on proposal preparation, proposal review, instrument availability, and facility access, please read the instructions posted for the latest CALL FOR PROPOSALS.

Beam time is provided without charges, except for proprietary research. There are two programs that can provide some monetary assistance, i.e., travel and subsistence support, for new users of the NCNR. The first is administered by the University of Maryland, and is intentended for new users from US universities with approved experiments. A second program sponsored by the National Science Foundation provides travel funds for new graduate students to introduce them to neutron scattering at the NCNR.

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