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Rotating Cell Multi-Positional Block

5-Position Sample Changer Schematic

4-Position Rotating Cell Holder

The SANS rotating cells tumble a sealed sample cell with the center of the rotation at the center of the sample. This tumbling motion prevents settling of precipitates that form over the time-scale of the SANS measurement. A set of four rotating cells are currently on long-term loan from Uppsala University for use at all SANS beamlines. A set of six more, purchased by NIST, are on order from the manufacturer. The BT5 USANS instrument has space enough for 4 cells and up to 6 cells can be used on traditional SANS instruments.

Two styles of sample drums have been used. The drum pictured holds circular and rectanglar Hellma© cells, and the second holds any of the standard demountable cells.

Two temperature control schemes have been used. Temperature control in the range 10°C below ambient to about +40°C has been implemented using air flow and a Peltier device1. Temperature control in the range of ambient to 60°C has been implemented using halogen heat lamps2.

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  2. "Dynamic infrared sample controlled (DISCO) temperature for the tumbler cells for ultra small angle neutron scattering (USANS)," Juscelino Leao, et al. 2017, J. Neutron Research 19 (1-2) 23-26

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