NIST Center for Neutron Research

SANS Huber Table

Sample Chamber and Huber Table Picture

Huber Table Schematic

The Huber table is used to accomodate oversized ancillary equipment, such as the shear devices and magnets, or any device our users may bring from their home institutions. The top mounting plate is 22" in diameter with a standard height of 12" from the top of the plate to beam height.

The beam height can be changed by adding or removing spacer plates. These plates come in 1/8" increments. The table has rotation and translation that can be controlled in conjunction with data acquisition. As of October 2014 for NGB30m SANS and February 2015 for NG7 SANS, vertical translation stages are now available for positioning sample equipment of up to 2000 lbs.

The mounting hole pattern is described in the figure to the right.

Sample Chamber and Huber Table Spacing

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