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SANS & USANS Data Reduction and Analysis

Data Analysis Using SasView

The recommended tool for analyzing small angle scattering data is SasView as the analysis portion of Igor Pro is no longer supported.

Data Reduction Using Igor Pro

Current Release v7.41 - June 2016

An upgrade of the reduction and analysis software has been completed based on user suggestions. These changes enhance the tools available to our users in order to plan better experiments, and permit faster, more complex analyses of their scattering data than are currently possible.

This release requires Igor Pro 6.2*

The performance enhancements make use of new features available only in Igor 6.2 and hence the package will not run on Igor 3, 4, 5 or 6.1 and lower. If you need older, no longer supported versions of the macros, you can download SANS Analysis v3, SANS Reduction v5 and USANS Reduction v2.

If you reduced or analyzed your data using the Igor Macros, please include the following reference: "Reduction and Analysis of SANS and USANS Data using Igor Pro", Kline, S. R. J Appl. Cryst. 39(6), 895 (2006).

SANS and USANS Data Reduction and Analysis software, written by Steve Kline, is provided by NIST Center for Neutron Research in a visual and user-friendly form. The NCNR software is compatible with Macintosh/PC platforms and requires that IGOR Pro be installed. You do not have to purchase IGOR Pro - a free demo version of IGOR Pro is available, and will produce ASCII output that can easily be read in by other graphics or analysis software packages. IGOR Pro (* see disclaimers below) is a commercial software product available to Mac/PC users.


  1. The use of certain trade names or commercial products does not imply any endorsement of a particular product, nor does it imply that the named product is necessarily the best product for the stated purpose.
  2. While every effort has been made to test the accuracy of these functions, the user has personal responsibility to understand the limits of applicability of a given model.

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