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(These are the people at NIST responsible for designing and building the instrument)

Project Manager:    Joe Dura
Mechanical Engineering:    Don Pierce
      Al Heald
      Zheng Huang
      Jim LaRock
      Jeff Trossen
Data Acquisition & Instrument Control:    Nick Maliszewskyj
      Bud Dickerson
      Mathieu Doucet
      Doris Kendig
      Dan Keyser
      Lynn Shuman
      Thuan Thai
      Jeff Ziegler
Mechanical Technicians:    George Baltic
      Dave Clem
      Michael Gue
      Doug Johnson
      Dennis Nester
      Mike Rinehart
      Scott Slifer
Electrical Engineer:    Mark English
Science:    Chuck Majkrzak
      Ivan Schroder
      Jeremy Cook
Management:    Paul Brand
      Rob Dimeo
Other:    Jeanne Fiori
      Kristina Nixon
      Kevin O'Donovan
      Kim Stavish
      Pat Tobin

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