Spin Polarized Inelastic Neutron Spectrometer (SPINS)

Photograph of NCNR's Spin Polarized
         Inelastic Neutron Spectrometer (SPINS)

SPINS is located on guide NG-5. SPINS operates in a number of different modes including conventional triple axis mode, horizontally focusing mode, position-sensitive detector (PSD) and polarized beam mode. A vertically focusing pyrolytic graphite (PG) monochromator produces beams with wavelengths from 2.42 to 5.84 ? Energy resolution is in the range of 0.02 to 1 meV, depending on incident wavelength and collimation.

A multi-crystal analyzer with 11 PG blades provides horizontal focussing capability. The focusing is fully automated and controlled from the instrument computer. A two-dimensional position-sensitive detector (PSD) is also available. With the multi-crystal analyzer, the PSD (20 cm ?25 cm in area) can simultaneously probe scattering events with different momentum and energy transfer.

In the polarized beam mode of operation, supermirror transmission polarizers, consisting of a stack of single crystal Si plates with Fe/Si supermirror coatings, are inserted in the incident and scattered beams.

Instrument Scientists:
Guangyong Xu (301) 975 4144 guangyong.xu@nist.gov

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