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CHRNS MACS - The Multi Axis Crystal Spectrometer
NIST Center for Neutron Research

MACS NG0 documentation.

Documents under Configuration Management in Chronological Order

Acronym Explanation
Cask Helium filled volume holding monochromating system
CFX Cryo Filter Exchanger
Choke White beam Aperture between CFX and cask
DFM Doubly Focusing Monochromator
E 038-xxxx Engineering Change Request/Notification document number xxxx for MACS
Kidney MACS detector system
MACS Multi Axis Crystal Spectrometer
MBT Monochromatic Beam Transport System
S 038-xxxx Submitted Document concerning MACS numbered xxxx
WBC White Beam Conditioning System
(WorkManager) Notification of new submittal into the C-100 CAD database

Document # Category Description Date Related Documents
S 038-0001 WBC WBC Interfaces 8/5/03 E 038-0007
S 038-0002 MACS MACS 6200 Datums 8/5/03 E 038-0007
S 038-0003 WBC WBC reference components (WorkManager) 8/8/03 E 038-0007
S 038-0004 WBC WBC reference component shields (WorkManager) 8/8/03 E 038-0007
S 038-0005 WBC WBC reference component shields (WorkManager) 8/7/03 E 038-0007
S 038-0006 WBC WBC model submitted (WorkManager) 8/14/03 E 038-0007
S 038-0007 WBC WBC System Schedule 10/16/03
S 038-0008 WBC WBC General Specification 11/10/03 E 038-0002

E 038-0003

E 038-0004

E 038-0006

S 038-0009 MACS MACS Top Level Specification 11/10/03 E 038-0005

E 038-0008

E 038-0009

S 038-0010 MACS MACS List of Requirements 11/12/03
S 038-0011 DFM Cask Monochromator Cask Specification 12/20/03 E 038-0004
S 038-0012 Shutter MACS Beam Shutter Specification 2/21/06 old version
S 038-0013 CFX CFX Conceptual Model (WorkManager) 3/23/04 E 038-0001
S 038-0014 MBT MBT Shield Specification 5/14/04 E 038-0009

E 038-0005

S 038-0016 CFX CFX Specification 5/18/04
S 038-0017 CFX CFX Beam Specification 5/18/04  
S 038-0018 DXA DXA General Specification 12/14/06
S 038-0019 MBT & Det. MBT Floor Shield & Detector base (WorkManager ) 7/9/04
S 038-0021 Det. Post sample collimator specification 7/30/05
E 038-0001 WBC Shield Change Request 3/16/04 S 038-0013
E 038-0002 WBC Choke Box Shielding Options 2/27/04 S 038-0008
E 038-0003 WBC WBC Spec Change Section 2.6 3/16/04 S 038-0008
E 038-0004 DFM Cask Materials requirements close to the neutron beam S 038-0008

S 038-0011

E 038-0005 MBT Super-mirror Alignment Specification 6/29/04 S 038-0009
E 038-0006 WBC Beam dump composition and thickness 8/23/04 S 038-0008
E 038-0007 WBC/Cask Cask top shielding 9/15/04 S 038-0001 to 0006
E 038-0008 Detector Modified post sample collimator spec. 2/3/05 S 038-0009
E 038-0009 MBT MBT setting speed requirements 2/8/06 S 038-0009

S 038-0014

E 038-0005

Technical Documents Ordered by Subject

Management and Project Governance

  • Configuration Management Documents, Paul Brand.
    • Complete Configuration Management Documentation Rev. D [DOC]
    • Information Request/Submittal/Release Template Rev. D [DOC]
    • Engineering Change Request/Notice Template Rev. D [DOC]
  • MACS Management Structure and Project Governance, J. M. Rowe and C. Broholm. April 21 (2003). [PDF (67k)].

Top level Specification for MACS

  • MACS List of Requirements Rev. D. Document # S-038-0009. November 12 (2003). [PDF,DOC]

  • MACS List of Requirements Rev. C, P. D. Gallagher, C. L. Broholm, P. C. Brand, and T. D. Pike, tentative working document. Most recent edit June 21 (2003). [DOC (78k)]

  • MACS List of Requirements Rev. B, P. D. Gallagher, C. L. Broholm, P. C. Brand, and T. D. Pike, April 14 (2003). [PDF (201k)]

  • MACS List of Requirements, C. Broholm, C. Brocker, and P. Gallagher, December 14 (2001). [PDF (35 k), DOC(76 k)]

  • NG0 (DMTAS) List of Requirements, C. Broholm, P. Brand, and M. Rowe, July 27 (1999). [PDF (32 k), DOC(55 k)]

Specifications for MACS Components

Doubly Focusing Monochromator

  • Specification Rev. C, P. C. Brand, C. Broholm, J. D. Orndorff, S. J. Conard, and S. A. Smee, July 30 (1999). [PDF (25 k), DOC(43 k)]
  • Horizontal focusing conditions for crystal monochromator, C. Broholm, May (1999). [PDF (13 k), DOC(29 k)]
  • Motion Drive System Interface Control Document, P. C. Brand, C. Broholm, and J. D. Orndorff, March (1999). [PDF (24 k), DOC(38 k)]

Monochromator Cask

  • General Specification for Development of the DFM Cask, Document # S-038-0011 December 23 (2003). [PDF, DOC]

  • General Specification for Development of the DFM Cask, T. D. Pike, draft version submitted 7/15/03. [PDF (1.4 k), DOC(1.6 k)]

White Beam Conditioning System

  • General Specification for Development of the Beam Shutter for MACS, Document # S-038-0012, January 13 (2004). [PDF, DOC]

  • General Specification for Development of the White Beam Conditioning System, Document # S-038-0008 November 10 (2003). [PDF, DOC]

  • White Beam Conditioning System Reference Components. Document # S-038-0005 August 14 (2003). [PDF]

Design Reports

  • Placement and Dimensions of MACS-5700 Incident Beam-line Elements, submitted July 16, (2003). [PDF, DOC].
  • MACS Translation Stage Phase A Design Study Report, J. D. Orndorff, January 9 (2002). [PDF (396 k), DOC(2,588 k)]
  • MACS Double Crystal Analyzer System, Phase A Study, G. Scharfstein, January 26 (2002). [PDF (305 k)]
  • MACS Detector System Cryogenic Filter Assembly Phase A Study, R. Barkhouser, February 7 (2002). [PDF (191 k), DOC(393 k)]
  • MACS Incident Beam Filter Design Report, T. Reeves, February (2002). [PDF (178 k), DOC (572 k)]