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Instrument Control

The Linux control computer is called "bt4", IP address You will use "bt4" to set up runs and take measurements. You may choose to reduce your data here or elsewhere. The main programs used are:
icp: Instrument Control Program. Controls all of the parts necessary to run BT-4/FANS.
prepare: Program used to set up buffers for experiment runs.
xpeek: Real time data graphing display.
If you are not familiar with a unix environment, these commands may be of use (unix is case sensitive):
list the directory contents
cd directory
list the directory contents
mkdir directory
create a directory
cp file newfile
copy 'file' to 'newfile'. Can also prefix directory commands such as "../" (up one level)
also, 'cp file mydir/.' copies "file" to "mydir", keeping the naming.
mv file newfile
renames a 'file' to 'newfile'.
rm file
erase "file". Make sure you want it erased if you do this. Be careful of wildcard characters like "*"

Instrument scientists
Craig M. Brown (301) 975 5134
Terry Udovic (301) 975 6241
Juscelino Lećo (301) 975 8867

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