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Ancillary Equipment

The available sample environments consist of a 10 kN load frame, two Eulerian cradles of which one is capable of holding a displex, and a 4-point bending device for measuring stresses in coatings.

Load Frame

Load Frame

Typical load experiments are done as tensile tests with specimens up to 130 mm length. Maximum permissible cross sections depend on the tensile strength but the area usually does not exceed 25 mm2. Experiments can be run fully automated in load control or in strain control. Compression tests are also possible with a maximum specimen length of 25 mm.

Load experiment on a Rene N5TM superalloy single crystal. A Huber phi-table with Chi-arc underneath is used to orient the crystal.


Euler Cradle

Euler Cradle

The Euler cradle is used for neutron texture experiments (larger model not shown). Because the largest available diameter of the primary beam is 13 mm, the specimen has to be < 13 mm in its largest dimension for an experiment with full specimen illumination.


Four-Point Bending Device

Four Point Bending Device This device is predominantly used for experiments in which stress is applied on coatings. Other applications include elastic constants determination as well as X-ray measurements. Optimal specimen dimensions are 120 mm length 25 mm height 3.5 mm thickness. The settings for force and deflection have to be adjusted manually.

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