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For general user information, please contact the user office. For information about specific instruments, please contact the person identified in the following list. Telephone numbers are the four digits following (301)-975. You may send e-mail by clicking on the appropriate address.

Center Office:
Robert Dimeo, 6210, Director, NIST Center for Neutron Research,


High resolution powder diffractometer:

Residual stress diffractometer:

NG7 30m small-angle neutron scattering (SANS):

CHRNS 30m small-angle neutron scattering (SANS):

nSOFT 10-m small-angle neutron scattering (SANS):

CHRNS ultra-small angle neutron scattering (uSANS):

Polarized Beam Reflectometer/Diffractometer (PBR):

Off-specular reflectometer (MAGIK):

Cold neutron reflectometer- horizontal sample geometry (NG7):

Double-focusing triple-axis spectrometer (BT7)

Spin-polarized triple-axis spectrometer (SPINS):

Triple-axis spectrometer (BT-4):

Filter-analyzer neutron spectrometer (FANS):

Disk-chopper time-of-flight spectrometer (DCS):

CHRNS High-flux backscattering spectrometer (HFBS):

CHRNS Neutron spin-echo spectrometer (NSE):

CHRNS Multi-angle crystal spectrometer (MACS):

Cold-neutron prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis (PGAA):

Thermal-neutron prompt-gamma activation analysis (VT-5):

Other activation analysis facilities:

Cold neutron depth profiling (CNDP):

Thermal neutron imaging facility

Cold neutron imaging facility

Neutron interferometer (NIOF):

NGC Neutron physics 0.5 nm:

NG6M Neutron physics:

Neutron test station (NG-7):

Theory and modeling:

CHRNS Very small angle neutron scattering (vSANS):

CHRNS CANDOR White-beam reflectometer:

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