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BT-1 High Resolution Powder Diffractometer
Proprietary and Non-Proprietary Use

The BT-1 instrument may be used for academic and proprietary measurements. While there is no fee associated with use of BT-1 for work that will be published in the open literature, Federal regulations require cost-recovery for proprietary work.

Proprietary Research using BT-1

The BT-1 diffractometer is available for proprietary research on a cost recovery basis. The cost depends on the amount of involvement needed from NIST personnel, but will generally be $2500-$3000 per 24 hour period. There is no charge, however, for non-proprietary research performed by either industrial or academic users. For research to be considered non-proprietary, the participants must be willing to present their results in the literature in a timely fashion.

Proprietary Agreements

Contracts are prepared by the Industrial Partnerships Program in the Office of Technology Partnerships . For further information on establishing a proprietary research agreement, contact Craig Brown.

Scheduling Experiments

Organizations that have executed an appropriate proprietary research agreement may request time on the same expedited basis as other users via the Web-based NCNR proposal system.

Proprietary Information

When requests are made for proprietary research using BT-1, we need sufficient information to evaluate any safety hazards that may be related to the proposed experiment. However, do not include any proprietary information in the request. If NIST must be informed of proprietary information in order to evaluate the safety hazards of your experiment, contact Craig Brown by phone (301-975-5134) to discuss the nature of this information before communicating it to NIST.

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