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The mail-in service is offered to everyone but is aimed at those with relatively 'basic' needs. By 'basic' we really mean we will collect data at room temperature, or within the temperature range of a closed-cycle fridge (5-300 K). The service began in April 2007 and, since then, has given good data to its many users. Each cycle, 25% of beamtime is allocated to mail-in service samples.

How it works

As a user you would make and package all samples in your laboratory and, when ready, send them to Craig Brown. A member of the crystallography team takes care of the samples and prepares them for neutron powder diffraction analysis.

All users must submit a proposal using the NIST IMS system and, once accepted, samples can be mailed to the address provided. Please be sure to choose the correct sample environment ('none' = 'room temp' data collection; 'CCR' will allow you to choose suitable temperatures in the 5K-300K range). Also, indicate that you are requesting the mail-in service when submitting a proposal.

If you see the need for more signifcant efforts on behalf of the Diffraction team, please consider that collaborations and beamtime requests are also available, and there is a possibility of obtaining very rapid access this way. E-mail Craig Brown to discuss options.

Once your beamtime has been allocated, you will be contacted to discuss your requirements for beamtime. With every sample the instrument scientists will do their best to give advice for the most appropriate conditions, use of the instrument and use of NCNR equipment as possible. At the end of discussions it is the user (you) who can make the final decision.

Advantages of using the mail-in service:

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Disadvantage of using the mail-in service:

If you are interested in using this service you can submit a proposal directly by clicking here. It is very important that you indicate in the proposal that you are requesting the mail-in service.

If you have questions about the service please contact us

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