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Sample Neutron Diffraction Data
from the BT-1 Neutron Diffractometer

This page provides links to sample datasets taken at the BT-1 diffractometer using a sintered sample of alumina, kindly provided by Dr. David Cox of Brookhaven National Laboratory. This sample is a real-world sample, not a SRM. This sample contributes relatively minor amounts of broadening, so these data provide a good reference for the instrumental resolution.

Data collection times vary with the requirements of the study, the quality of the material and the sample size, but the data collection times used for these measurements are representative of what is typically required for a sample with volume 3-10 ml.

Files are provided in two formats: as REFINE .raw files, and as GSAS files (.gsas/.inst). The CMPR program can be used to plot these data on UNIX and Windows computers and can be used to convert the files to other formats. More information about BT-1 and software can be found on the BT-1 Home Page.

& Collimation
file link parameter link data collection
time (hours)
Ge(311) 60'
Al2O3023.inst 1
Ge(311) 15' gealu002.raw
gealu002.inst 3
Ge(311) 7' gealu004.raw
gealu004.inst 7.5
Cu(311) 60'
Al2O3025.inst 3
Cu(311) 15' cualu001.raw
cualu001.inst 6
Cu(311) 7' cualu005.raw
cualu005.inst 11
Ge(733) 60'
Al2O3029.inst 6
Ge(733) 15' ge733001.raw
ge733001.inst 8
Ge(733) 7' ge733002.raw
ge733002.inst 16

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