Instrument Schedule for ng3sans

Date Days ID Title Participants Affiliation Equip Contact
Jan 8 1 13529 Instrument Calibration C Gagnon NCNR 9P Gagnon
Jan 9 1 23424 23424 and 24168 tests R Zhang, S Liu, L Anovitz, M Bleuel Penn St, ORNL, NCNR SE Bleuel
Jan 10 1 24634 Pressure S Teixeira NIST, U. Delaware NPC Teixeira
Jan 11 1 24672 SANS for Bending and Thickness Fluctuations in Selectively-Deuterated Binary Lipid Membranes M. Nagao, E. Kelley, R. Ashkar NIST, ORNL 9CB Kelley
Jan 12 1 24626 Hofmeister series effects on hydrogen-bond mediated growth of reverse worm-like micelles J Riley U. Delaware 9CB Butler
Jan 13 2 24655 UD feasibility M. Haider, J. Lee, D. Pochan 9CB Jensen
Jan 15 1 24651 SANS Studies of Integral Membrane Proteins in Liposome Model Membranes K. Rubinson NIST 9CB Krueger
Jan 16 1 24635 Feasibility tests on the use of SANS to characterize self-assembling peptide semi-conductors and NIST mabs E. Gazit, S. Teixeira, S. Brahmachari, S. Bera NIST/UD, Tel-Aviv U. 9CB Teixeira
Jan 17 2 23598 Impact of mineralogy and organic matter on pore structure and H Yoon
L Anovitz (Oak Ridge)
T Dewers (Sandia)
Oak Ridge, Sandia SE Barker
Jan 19 3 24632 Polyolefins C Lopez-Barron (EXM) 9CB Teixeira
Jan 25 1 23498 Shear-Induced Aggregation of Hanford Waste Slurries L Anovitz(UT)
K Weigandt (NIST)
J Chung (Battelle)
A Stack (Oak
UT, Battel, Oak Ridge rheo Weigandt
Jan 26 3 22754 Probing the kinetics of polymer adsorption/desorption in bulk R Carroll
S Cheng
A Sokolov
M Dadmun (U TN)
U Tennessee 7HB Krueger
Jan 29 1 S36-74 In situ SANS and USANS Investigation on Enzyme-catalyzed J Londono (Dupont)
Y Mao (UMd)
Dupont, UMd 9CB Mao
Jan 30 1 23543 Nanostructure formation from Cellulose Solution in Ionic X Zhang
D Henderson
Y Mao
H Wang
R Briber (U Md)
U Md, NCNR 9CB Mao
Jan 31 2 24638 Probing the microstructure of Aluminum-based adjuvants using SANS A. Xu UMD 4R Krueger
Feb 2 3 23318 KcsA Clustering in Lipid Raft Mixtures M Weinrich (NIH)
D Worcester(NIST)
NIH, NIST 9CB Hammouda
Feb 5 1 22822 Polycatenane Structural Analysis by SANS M Hore (Case Western R)
Q Wu (U Chicago)
Case Western Reserve U 9CB Hammouda
Feb 6 3 24090 study of iron-alginate systems Z. Schnepp
M Hollamby
P. Teare
R Horniblow
C Tselepis (U Birmingham)
U Birmingham 9CB Hammouda
Feb 9 3 24488 Crystalline PEO in d-Eth M. Bleuel 9CB Bleuel/Hammouda
Feb 12 2 24656 UD Feasibility J. Guo, S. Tein, P. Mondal, J. Hipp, N. Wagner UD 9CB Liu/Mao
Feb 14 2 24659 RheoSANS of carbon black suspensions J. Hipp, N. Wagner UD Rheo Butler
Direct scheduling questions to Boualem Hammouda
Tel: (301)975-3961, Fax: (301)921-9847, E-mail:
Instrument Tel: (301)975-4163 Changover time: 10:00 a.m.

9P: 9-Position ambient sample changer;
10CB: 10-Position sample changer (-10 to 100 ° C);
VF: Vacuum Furnace;
7CB: 7-Position sample changer (-10 to 100 ° C);
7H: 7-Position Heating Block (up to 200 ° C);
7HB: 7-Position Heating Block with BN (up to 300 ° C);
HM1: Horizontal High-Field Electromagnet (2 Tesla);
HM2: Horizontal Low-Field Electromagnet (0.5 Tesla);
DI: Closed cycle, displex, refrigerator (10 K to 330 K);
MSC: Minnesota Sliding Plate Shear Cell;
BSC: Boulder Couette Flow Shear Cell;
NPC: NIST Pressure Cell;
SCMA: Superconducting Magnet (9 Tesla);
2H: 2-Position, high precision heating stage (up to 250 °C);
VR: Vertical Rotation Stage;
OC: Orange Cryostat;
SE: Special Environment;

Paul Butler (x2028), John Barker (x6732), Markus Bleuel (x5165), Cedric Gagnon (x2020), Boualem Hammouda (x3961), Susan Krueger (x6734), Jeff Krzywon (x6650), Yun Liu (x6235), Yimin Mao (x6017), Susana Teixeira (x4404),

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