Instrument Schedule for ng3sans

Date Days ID Title Participants Affiliation Equip Contact
Aug 8 1 Instrument calibration SANS Staff Gagnon
Aug 9 1 25068 Structural Characterization of Self-Assembly of Protein into Well-Defined Virus-Like Nanoparticles Y. Liu, M Nieh NIST, U. Conn. 9CB Liu
Aug 10 3 24255 Validation of Three Region Order Parameter Behavior in V Davis
M Noor (Auburn U)
K Weigandt
M Green
M Pospisil (TAM)
Auburn U, NIST, Texas A&M rheo Weigandt
Aug 13 1 22822 Polycatenane Structural Analysis by SANS M. Hore, W. Qiong, R. Stuart Case Western Reserve 9CB Hammouda
Aug 14 1 24233 SANS to complement NSE D Marquardt
M DisPasuqle
B Rickeard
M Nguyen
Aug 15 2 24365 SANS measurements of highly porous solids processed from R Murphy
Y Liu(UDel)
K Weigandt (NCNR)
9CB Weigandt
Aug 17 4 24179 Collective motion of particles in interacting colloids Z Wang
X Wang (Tsinghua U)
WR Chen (Oak Rdge)
Tsinghua U, Oak Ridge rheo
Aug 21 1
Aug 22 2
Aug 24 1 23665 Self-Assembly of Crystalline - Random Coil, P3HT-b-PMMA Block M-H Kim (KIST)
B Hammouda (NIST)
KIST, NIST 9CB Hammouda
Aug 26 10 Maintenance Facility Shutdown
Sep 5 2 24754 Isotope effect on mixing behavior TENTATIVE B. Hammouda
G Yuan (NCNR)
NIST 9CB Hammouda
Sep 7 3 Dynamics of melting and recrystallization in a polymeric micellar crystal subjected to shear step up and step down R. Xie, C. Lopez/Barron, N. Wagner EXOM, UD Rheo
Sep 10 2 How is porosity of coal and shale affected by ex-situ T Blach (Queen U) Queensland U-Australia 9CB
Sep 12 1
Sep 13 4 24319 Understanding the molecular mechanisms behind the self-healing R Lund (U Oslo)
M Lettinga
L Willner (Julich)
U Oslo, Julich rheo Jensen
Sep 17 2 24050 Anomalous dynamical arrest of polymers in symmetric M Laurati
R Rivas (U Guanajuato)
9CB Liu
Sep 19 2
Sep 21 2 24251 Exploring Spatial Dependence of Molecular Deformation in Y Yang
WR Chen (Oak Ridge)
Y Liu (UDel)
Oak Ridge, UDel 9CB Liu
Sep 23 1 24251 Exploring Spatial Dependence of Molecular Deformation in Y Yang
WR Chen (Oak Ridge)
Y Liu (UDel)
Oak Ridge, UDel 9CB Liu
Sep 24 2
Sep 26 2
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Instrument Tel: (301)975-4163 Changover time: 10:00 a.m.

9P: 9-Position ambient sample changer;
10CB: 10-Position sample changer (-10 to 100 ° C);
VF: Vacuum Furnace;
7CB: 7-Position sample changer (-10 to 100 ° C);
7H: 7-Position Heating Block (up to 200 ° C);
7HB: 7-Position Heating Block with BN (up to 300 ° C);
HM1: Horizontal High-Field Electromagnet (2 Tesla);
HM2: Horizontal Low-Field Electromagnet (0.5 Tesla);
DI: Closed cycle, displex, refrigerator (10 K to 330 K);
MSC: Minnesota Sliding Plate Shear Cell;
BSC: Boulder Couette Flow Shear Cell;
NPC: NIST Pressure Cell;
SCMA: Superconducting Magnet (9 Tesla);
2H: 2-Position, high precision heating stage (up to 250 °C);
VR: Vertical Rotation Stage;
OC: Orange Cryostat;
SE: Special Environment;

Paul Butler (x2028), John Barker (x6732), Markus Bleuel (x5165), Cedric Gagnon (x2020), Boualem Hammouda (x3961), Susan Krueger (x6734), Jeff Krzywon (x6650), Yun Liu (x6235), Yimin Mao (x6017), Susana Teixeira (x4404),

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