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Up to 25% of the instrument time on the NCNR High Resolution Powder Diffractometer, located at the BT1 facility in the confinement building, is available for user experiments through proposals. The same Web form used to submit proposals for other NCNR instruments should be used for such proposals.

If a proposal for BT1 is approved at the next Beam Time Allocation Committee meeting in May 2008, the applicants may send their samples to the NCNR for data collection. An NCNR staff member will execute the experiment, and send the neutron diffraction data back to the applicants for analysis. NCNR staff will not perform detailed data analyses, but the applicants may consult our staff for assistance as needed.

The samples will typically be loaded into standard holders at NIST, unless they are air-sensitive or hazardous. In the latter cases, the responsibility for sample loading may revert to the applicants.

Sample environment and sample changes on the instrument must be straightforward for NCNR staff, which implies that the sample temperatures required must be in the range 5 K to 500K.

For more information, please see

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