College Park, Maryland      June 6 - 10 , 2004

WP75: DANSE -- distributed data analysis for neutron scattering

M.M. McKerns, M.A.G. Aivazis, T.M. Kelley, S.J. Kim, B. Fultz (California Institute of Technology)

The DANSE system will merge the various computational tasks of neutron scattering into a unified, component-based runtime environment. Standard components will implement data analysis, visualization, modeling, and instrument simulation for all major areas of neutron scattering. A core technology of DANSE is an open source software framework that supports the components and mediates their interactions. Within the DANSE environment, users will be able to mix and match different software components without compilation, and execute calculations seamlessly across distributed resources. DANSE will provide tools to help instrument scientists and expert users migrate their existing routines (written in any of a number of languages) to components, and an interface that allows new and casual users to access a stock set of standard analysis applications or configure their own new computing procedures for novel experiments. The modular structure of DANSE parallels the steps of data analysis performed by scientists, thus making it a natural environment for creating flexible computing procedures. DANSE will lower barriers to sharing software, and extend the experimentalist's toolkit with capabilities of analysis and interpretation such as high-performance simulations (band structure, molecular dynamics, etc.), co-analysis of data from multiple experiments, and real-time feedback for experiment control.

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