College Park, Maryland      June 6 - 10 , 2004

WP28: Recent Technical Progress on High P-T Neutron Diffraction

Y. Zhao, L.L. Daemen, K. Lokshin, C. Pantea, J. Qian, S.C. Vogel, D.J. Williams, J. Zhang (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

We will present the most recent progress made at LANSCE on High P-T Neutron Diffraction. We have developed a 500-ton toroidal press, TAP-98, to conduct simultaneous high pressure (up to 20 GPa) and high temperature (1700K) neutron diffraction experiments. TAP-98 can be loaded into the HIPPO (High-Pressure and Preferred-Orientation Diffractometer) and we have performed high P-T neutron diffraction experiments using HIPPO + TAP-98 for the first time in the run cycle of 2002. We have also developed a large crystal anvil cell, ZAP-01, to conduct experiments at high pressures and low temperatures. This cell can be used for integrated experimental techniques of neutron diffraction, laser spectroscopy, and ultrasonic interferometery. Most recently, construction of the new TAP-PLUS cell started, a 2000 ton press for neutron diffraction experiments which will run on a dedicated beam-line.

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