College Park, Maryland      June 6 - 10 , 2004

W3-A9: Breakout Session on Detectors and SCD for SNS

Christina Hoffmann (SNS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory), R. Bau, T. F. Koetzle and A. J. Schultz

A best-in-class single-crystal diffractometer (SCD) utilizing the time-of-flight Laue technique is under development for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS). The 2 MW SNS, currently under construction in Oak Ridge, TN, USA, is scheduled to begin operation in 2006. Because sample volumes will approach those of typical “X-ray crystals,” SNS SCD promises to revolutionize the application of single-crystal neutron diffraction as we know it, particularly from the viewpoint of the practicing synthetic chemist. The instrument will be specifically optimized for high-throughput on samples with moderate-size unit cells, up to ca. 50 Ĺ on edge. Provision is also intended for the measurement of diffuse scattering and for the production of polarized beams to facilitate the study of magnetic structures. The authors are executive officers of the Instrument Development Team (IDT) for the SCD, which will be operated in a broadly based user mode.

We want to invite the IDT and interested researchers to participate in this breakout session to voice the user community’s future needs for single-crystal neutron diffraction. The session will provide an opportunity to actively define an instrument that is optimized for the community’s needs. It will also be an opportunity to update the user community on recent instrument design studies and developments. Progress has been made on development of polarized neutron options for white beam single-crystal diffraction, on neutron detector design concepts, and on evaluation of options for neutron beam focusing.

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