College Park, Maryland      June 6 - 10 , 2004

W3-A5: Breakout Session on Doing Science with Neutron Scattering Data

The purpose of this breakout session is to describe today's software for the analysis of neutron scattering data, describe new developments, and seek viewpoints on future needs. The focus of the session will be on the science enabled by software, with less emphasis on specific software packages or software engineeering. For example, the leaders may steer the discussion towards how new computing resources for simulations, modeling, and visualization enable new experiments, or elevate the sophistication of experiments possible today.

The session will be divided into one-hour sub-sessions on the topics below. Each will begin with a scheduled 12-15 minute presentation. "Flash presentations" follow -- attendees who prepare 2-3 viewgraph transparencies prior to the session will be given 3-5 minutes for a brief presentation. Open discussion will follow the flash presentations.

3-4 PM Diffraction and Engineering Diffraction (Simon Billinge and Ersan Ustundag)
4-5 PM SANS and Reflectometry (Paul Butler and Paul Kienzle)
5-5:30 PM Inelastic Scattering (Frans Trouw and Brent Fultz)

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