College Park, Maryland      June 6 - 10 , 2004

TP74: Detectors for Neutron Science—How to find a Neutron?

L. Crow, C. Hoffmann (SNS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory), G. Smith (Brookhaven National Laboratory , R. Copper (SNS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Condensed matter physics, chemistry, metallurgy, geo-, and bio-sciences have benefited greatly from using neutrons to probe structure, magnetism, and dynamics of materials. In many of these studies, however, presently available neutron detector systems lack the performance to fully exploit future neutron flux. With the approaching completion of SNS in 2006 we are challenged to use this window of opportunity to build a research effort of sustained development of gas and scintillation detectors, and for investigation of new scintillator materials, semiconductor detectors, new types of gas detectors, and low efficiency neutron monitors. Neutron detector research has made advances in the past few years – this has happened quietly, but nevertheless has enabled the establishment of new scientific research in traditional and new fields.

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