College Park, Maryland      June 6 - 10 , 2004

TP73: Data Reduction Software for Chopper Spectrometers

T. M. Kelley, B. T. Fultz, M. M. McKerns, M. G. Aivazis (California Institute of Technology)

The raw data of an inelastic chopper spectrometer are time histograms of neutron counts in each detector pixel; reducing these histograms to energy and momentum coordinates requires substantial computation.With higher pixel counts and shorter data collection times, upcoming SNS instruments such as ARCS will need highly efficient reduction codes. We are designing an object-oriented system in which compiled and optimized C++ components are bound at run time by the Python interpreter. This results in software that has the flexibility of an interpreted language and the performance of a compiled language. Where possible, we have pursued separation between data structures and algorithms analogous to the C++ Standard Template Library. The object-oriented nature of the system insulates components that carry out data transformation from those that describe instrument properties; this makes a number of the components independent of instrument, and they may be reusable for other spectrometers.

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