College Park, Maryland      June 6 - 10 , 2004

TP37: Dynamically Polarized Hydrogen Target as a Broadband, Wavelength Independent Neutron Spin Polarizer

J.K. Zhao (Spallation Neutron Source, Oak Ridge National Laboratory), V. Garamus, R. Willumeit (GKSS Research Center, Geesthacht, Germany.)

The feasibility of using dynamically polarized hydrogens as wavelength independent neutron spin polarizers was investigated. A modified setup of the Dynamics Nuclear Polarization station at the GKSS research center was used with the standard GKSS solvent sample as the target. The 2.8mm thick sample consisted of 43.4 % water. The rest is mostly glycerol with a small amount of EHVA-Cr(v) complex providing the needed paramagnetic centers. Non polarized neutrons (8.5 ) first pass through the polarized target. The polarization of the trasmitted neutrons was then analyzed with a supermirror analyzer. At the highest hydrogen polarization of 68.6 % that was achieved during the experiment, the polarization of the transmitted neutrons was measured at 51.8 %. All the measured polarizations agree nicely with theoretical calcualtions for the used sample. Further experiments will test the feasibility of using methane samples as the target, which theorectically would allow us to achieve neutron polarizations of over 95 % with tranmissions greater than 30 % .

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