College Park, Maryland      June 6 - 10 , 2004

TP35: Monte Carlo Beam Line Simulation for Neutron Interferometry at NIST

K.P. Schoen (University of Missouri - Columbia), S.A. Werner (University of Missouri - Columbia; National Institute of Standards and Technology)

The uncertainty in neutron interferometry measurements is typically limited only by the intensity and not system resolution. There are several ways to increase the intensity of neutrons at the interferometer, including varying monochromator crystal size, allowing monochromator crystals to be vertically focusing, and installing supermirror guides along the flight path leading to the interferometer. A Monte Carlo beam line simulation was performed for each of these configurations for the NIST Neutron Interferometer and Optics Facility and compared to the neutron intensity for the current configuration in use. The results for each simulation configuration are presented; the configuration yielding the largest increase in neutron intensity provided a gain of a factor of 5 over the current experimental setup.

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