College Park, Maryland      June 6 - 10 , 2004

TP20: Neutron Guides and Scientific Neutron Equipment at CILAS/GMI

P. Gautier-Picard (CILAS, 8 avenue buffon, BP 6319, 45063 Orléans, FRANCE)

CILAS company is the world’s leading supplier of complete neutron guides systems. The neutron optics with multilayer coatings produced by CILAS have become an international standard for neutron beam transportation in the modern research institutes. During the last 30 years, CILAS designed, produced and installed more than 5000 meters of guides in many European, American and Asian countries. To reinforce its leadership and presence in neutron research, CILAS acquired the company Grenoble Modular Instruments (GMI), a leading company in high precision mechanics, engineering and manufacturing of spectrometers and scientific equipment for neutron and synchrotron research. In this article, the differences between the different kind of neutron guides using Borkron, borofloat, and float glasses will be presented. They indeed show different behavior under neutron flux as well in coating quality.

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