College Park, Maryland      June 6 - 10 , 2004

T2-C3 (2:00 PM): Neutron optical elements from HMI Berlin

Th. Krist, F. Mezei (Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin)

In the last several years solid-state and other neutron optical devices have been developed at BENSC, especially polarizers and collimators. We show results of a solid state polarizing bender which polarizes neutron beams of arbitrary width and with wavelengths above 2.4 to flipping ratios above 40 (polarization above 95%). The mean transmission amounts to 61 4 % at 4.7 . Solid-state collimators with absorbing and also with reflecting walls were first built in our group and results will be shown, e. g. of a collimator with a FWHM of 8' and a transmission above 70 %. A solid-state radial bender for the polarization analysis of neutrons over a wide angular range was built and tested at BENSC. A total angular interval of 3.8 deg could be analyzed. A solid-state radial collimator channel was built and tested. The angular range of the transmitted intensity could be doubled. Our first experiment on a solid-state neutron lens will be presented which shows a clear focusing of neutrons. Results for a solid-state bender used in transmission together with a solid-state collimator are shown.

Finally the design of a two dimensional polarization analyzer for an angular range of 5 in both directions and first results are presented.

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