College Park, Maryland      June 6 - 10 , 2004

T1-D1 (8:30 AM) Status of the Low Energy Neutron Source at Indiana University

D. V. Baxter, J. M. Cameron, V. P. Derenchuk, C. Lavelle, M. A. Lone, M. B. Leuschner, H. O. Meyer, H. Nann, T. Rinckel, W. M. Snow (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 2401 Milo Sampson Ln, Bloomington IN 47408)

The National Science Foundation has recently approved funding for the LENS (Low Energy Neutron Source) facility at Indiana University and construction has begun. LENS represents a new paradigm for economically introducing neutron scattering into a university or industrial setting. Neutrons are produced in a long-pulse (1 ms) mode through (p,n) reactions on a water-cooled Be target and supplied to three instrument beam lines. We will describe how LENS will use neutrons to fulfill a three-fold mission in education, materials research, and developing novel instrumentation. Of particular interest are the facility’s ability to study cryogenic moderators at significantly lower temperatures than is possible at other facilities and the development of instruments that make use of the neutron spin to perform high-precision measurements of momentum transfer without significant collimation of the beam. The potential for these developments to expand significantly the range of problems amenable to exploration with neutron techniques will be discussed.

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