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2000 Publications from BNL-NIST Collaboration

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0-01 Soft Phonon Anomalies in the Relaxor Ferroelectric Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)0.92Ti0.08O3 P.M Gehring, S.-E. Park, and G. Shirane Phys. Rev. Lett., 84, 5216 (2000)
0-02 Local Magnetic Order vs Superconductivity in a Layered Cuprate. N. Ichikawa, S. Uchida, J.M. Tranquada, T. Niemoller, P.M. Gehring, S.-H. Lee, and J.R. Schneider Phys. Rev. Lett., 85, 1738 (2000)
0-03 Independent Freezing of Charge and Spin Dynamics in La1.5Sr0.5CoO4. .A. Zaliznyak, J.P. Hill, J.M. Tranquada, R. Erwin, and Y. Moritomo Phys. Rev. Lett., 85, 4353 (2000)
0-04 Field-induced three- and two-dimensional freezing in a quantum spin liquid Y. Chen, Z. Honda, A. Zheludev, C. Broholm, K. Katsumata and S.M. Shapiro Phys. Rev. Lett., 86, 1618 (2000)
0-05 Magnetic anisotropy and low-energy spin waves in the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya spiral magnet Ba2CuGe2O7 A. Zheludev, S. Maslov, G. Shirane, I. Tsukada, T. Masuda, K. Uchinokura, I. Zaliznyak, R. Erwin and L.P. Regnault Phys. Rev. B, 59, 11432 (2000)
0-06 Direct observation of a one-dimensional static spin modulation in insultating La1.95Sr0.05CuO4 S. Wakimoto, R.J. Birgeneau, M.A. Kastner, Y.S. Lee, R. Erwin, P.M. Gehring, S.H. Lee, Y. Endoh, K. Hirota, and G. Shirane Phys. Rev. B, 61, 3699 (2000)
0-07 Freezing of anisotropic spin clusters in La1.98Sr0.02CuO4 M. Matsuda, Y.S. Lee, M. Greven, M.A. Kastner, R.J. Birgeneau, K. Yamada, Y. Endoh, P. Boni, S. Wakimoto, and G. Shirane Phys. Rev. B, 61, 4326 (2000)
0-08 Pretransitional diffuse neutron scattering in the mixed perovskite relaxor K1-xLixTaO3 G. Yong, J. Toulouse, R. Erwin, S.M. Shapiro, B. Hennion Phys. Rev. B, 62, 14736 (2000)
0-09 Cold neutron inelastic scattering measurements of the spin-Peierls and antiferromagnetic excitations in Si-doped CuGeO3 single crystals P.M. Gehring, S.H- Lee, K. Hirota, T. Masuda, K. Uchinokura, M. Hase and G. Shirane J. Phys. Soc. of Japan 69, 592 (2000)