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Additional Memorandum Summaries

All peroxidizable compounds must be properly labeled and removed before they become dangerous. Review the guidelines in the NIST Safety Manual, Recognition and Safe Handling of Peroxidizable Compounds.

Everyone using the chemical laboratories must use safety glasses. If prescription safety glasses are needed, talk to your secretary.

Safety Reference Material can be found in the bookcase located in the Xerox area, between rooms E104 and E105. Copies of the chemical labeling information for MSEL are also located here. If you have any questions you can talk to John Barker or Yamali Hernandez.

Compressed Gas Cylinders are not to be used on cylinder carts. Cylinders carts are only to be use for moving the cylinders. If you need to use a compressed gas cylinder where there is no cylinder clamp located, please contact George Baltic.

NCNR provides safety glasses and insulated (blue for cold) safety gloves that must be used when transferring liquid nitrogen or liquid helium.

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