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NG7 SANS Publications List

If you have written a paper that reports measurements using the NG7 30m SANS Instrument and you do not see it in the list below, or if the paper is listed but the information is incorrect or out of date, please inform Jeff Krzywon and/or Paul Butler.

If you write a paper that reports measurements using the NG7 30m SANS Instrument, please be sure to
(a) include an acknowledgement to NIST if there are no NIST coauthors,and
(b) include a reference to the following paper describing the 30m SANS Instruments: "The 30 m Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Instruments at the National Institute of Standards and Technology", Glinka CJ, et al. J Appl. Cryst. 31(3), 430 (1998). Thanks!

If you reduced your data using the Igor Macros, please include the following reference:

"Reduction and Analysis of SANS and USANS Data using Igor Pro", Kline, S. R. J Appl. Cryst. 39(6), 895 (2006).

Please be aware that all papers with NIST coauthors must be reviewed and approved by the Washington Editorial Review Board (WERB). Members of WERB are concerned not only with scientific merit but with three specific matters: measurement uncertainties, the use of SI units, and brand names. For more detailed information please click here and/or speak with your NIST coauthor(s).

Instrumentation Specific Articles

  1. "The 30 m Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Instruments at the National Institute of Standards and Technology", Glinka CJ, et al. J Appl. Cryst. 31(3), 430 (1998)
  2. "Focusing cold neutrons with multiple biconcave lenses for small-angle neutron scattering", Choi SM, et al. J Appl. Cryst. 33(3, Part 1), 793 (2000)
  3. "An imaging-plate detector for small-angle neutron scattering", Cheng YT, et al. J Appl. Cryst. 33(5), 1253 (2000)

In Press

#Article TitleAuthorsJournal TitleVolumeIssuePage NumberYear
1Cyclodextrins and Surfactants in Aqueous Solution above CMC: Where are the Cyclodextrins Located?M. Tsianou, A.I. FajaliaLangmuirPress
2Pressure Sensitive Adhesion of an Elastomeric Protein Complex Extracted From Squid Ring TeethA. Pena-Francesch, B. Akgun, A. Miserez, W. Zhu, H. Gao, M.C. DemirelAdv. Funct. Mater.Press

2014 Publications

#Article TitleAuthorsJournal TitleVolumeIssuePage NumberYear
1CO2-Responsive Microemulsions Based on Reactive Ionic LiquidsP. Brown, M.J. Wasbrough, B.E. Gurkan, T.A. HattonLangmuir301542672014
2Effect of bulk oxygen on 14YWT nanostructured ferritic alloysN.J. Cunningham, Y. Wu, A. Etienne, E.M. Haney, G.R. Odette, E. Stergar, D.T. Hoelzer, Y.D. Kim, B.D. Wirth, S.A. MaloyJ Nuc. Mat.4441-3352014
3Elucidating Double Aggregation Mechanisms in the Morphology Optimization of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Narrow Bandgap Polymer Solar CellsJ. Gao, W. Chen, L. Dou, C.C. Chen, W.H. Chang, Y. Liu, G. Li, Y. YangAdv. Mater.261931422014
4Explaining the Non-Newtonian Character of Aggregating Monoclonal Antibody Solutions Using Small-Angle Neutron ScatteringM.M. Castellanos, J.A. Pathak, W. Leach, S.M. Bishop, R.H. ColbyBiophys. J10724692014
5Facile Directed Assembly of Hollow Polymer Nanocapsules within Spontaneously Formed Catanionic Surfactant VesiclesM.D. Kim, S.A. Dergunov, A.G. Richter, J. Durbin, S.N. Shmakov, Y. Jia, S. Kenbeilova, Y. Orazbekuly, A. Kengpeii, E. Lindner, S.V. Pingali, V.S. Urban, S. Weigand, E. PinkhassikLangmuir302470612014
6Homogeneous percolation versus arrested phase separation in attractively-driven nanoemulsion colloidal gelsM.E. Helgeson, Y. Gao, S.E. Moran, J. Lee, M. Godfrin, A. Tripathi, A. Bose, P.S. DoyleSoft Matter101731222014
7Influence of Molecular Solvation on the Conformation of Star PolymersX. Li, L. Porcar, L.E. Sanchez-Diaz, C. Do, Y. Liu, T.H. Kim, G.S. Smith, W.A. Hamilton, K. Hong, W.R. ChenACS Macro Lett.354582014
8Mixtures of Lecithin and Bile Salt Can Form Highly Viscous Wormlike Micellar Solutions in WaterC.Y. Cheng, H. Oh, T.Y. Wang, S.R. Raghavan, S.H. TungLangmuir3034102212014
9Nanostructured Sn30Co30C40 alloys for lithium-ion battery negative electrodes prepared by horizontal roller millingP.P. Ferguson, D.B. Lee, A.D. Todd, M.L. Martine, S. Trussler, M.N. Obrvac, J.R. DahnJournal of Alloys and Compounds59511382014
10Neutron scattering studies of crude oil viscosity reduction with electric fieldR.B. Tao, E. Du, C.H. Tang, X. XuFuel13414932014
11Observation of Small Cluster Formation in Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody Solutions and Its Implications to Solution ViscosityE.J. Yearley, P.D. Godfrin, T. Perevozchikova, H. Zhang, P. Falus, L. Porcar, M. Nagao, J.E. Curtis, P. Gawande, R. Taing, I.E. Zarraga, N.J. Wagner, Y. LiuBiophys. J106817632014
12On the remarkable thermal stability of nanostructured ferritic alloysN.J. Cunningham, Y. Wu, D. Klingensmith, G.R. OdetteMater. Sci. & Eng. A61312962014
13Protein-Protein Interactions in Dilute to Concentrated Solutions: α-Chymotrypsinogen in Acidic ConditionsM.A. Blanco, T. Perevozchikova, V. Martorana, M. Manno, C.J. RobertsJ Phys. Chem. B1182258172014
14SANS study of highly resilient poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogelsE.M. Saffer, .M. A, D.M. Griffin, S. Kishore, G.N. Tew, S.R. BhatiaAbstr. Paper Am. Chem. Soc.101219052014
15Self-assembly of the triblock copolymer 17R4 poly(propylene oxide)14-poly(ethylene oxide)24-poly(propylene oxide)14 in D2OB.C. Kumi, B. Hammouda, S.C. GreerJ Coll. & Interface Sci.43412012014
16Shear viscosity and structural scalings in model adhesive hard-sphere gels A.P. Eberle, N. Martys, L. Porcar, S.R. Kline, W.L. George, J.M. Kim, P.D. Butler, N.J. WagnerPhys. Rev. E89050503022014
17Shear-Dependent Interactions in Hydrophobically Modified Ethylene Oxide Urethane (HEUR) Based Rheology Modifier-Latex Suspensions: Part 1. Molecular MicrostructureT. Chaterjee, A.I. Nakatani, A.K. VanDykMacromol.47311552014
18Size evolution of highly amphiphilic macromolecular solution assemblies via a distinct bimodal pathwayE.G. Kelley, R.P. Murphy, J.E. Seppala, T.P. Smart, S.D. Hann, M.O. Sullivan, T.H. EppsAbstr. Paper Am. Chem. Soc.5April735992014
19Small-Angle Neutron Scattering of Aqueous SrI2 Suggests a Mechanism for Ion Transport in Molecular WaterK.A. RubinsonAbstr. Paper Am. Chem. Soc.4334532014
20Solution superstructures: truncated cubeoctahedron structures of pyrogallol[4]arene nanoassembliesH. Kumari, S.R. Kline, D.A. Fowler, A.V. Mossine, C.A. Deakyne, J.L. AtwoodChem. Comm.5011092014
21Structures of TraI in solutionN.J. Clark, M. Raththagala, N.T. Wright, E.A. Buenger, J.F. Schildbach, S. Krueger, J.E. CurtisJ. Mol. Model.20623082014

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