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NGB 30m SANS Publications List

If you have written a paper that reports measurements using the NGB 30m or NG3 30 SANS Instrument and you do not see it in the list below, or if the paper is listed but the information is incorrect or out of date, please inform Jeff Krzywon and/or Paul Butler.

If you write a paper or give a presentation that reports measurements using the NG3/NGB30m SANS Instrument, please be sure to:

  1. include an acknowledgement to the NSF, and to NIST if there are no NIST coauthors,and
  2. include a reference to the following recent paper describing the USANS Instrument: "Design and performance of a thermal-neutron double-crystal diffractometer for USANS at NIST", Barker JG, et al. J Appl. Cryst. 38(6), 1004 (2005).


If you reduced your data using the Igor Macros, please also include the following reference:

"Reduction and Analysis of SANS and USANS Data using Igor Pro", Kline, S. R. J Appl. Cryst. 39(6), 895 (2006).

Please be aware that all papers with NIST coauthors must be reviewed and approved by the Washington Editorial Review Board (WERB). Members of WERB are concerned not only with scientific merit but with three specific matters: measurement uncertainties, the use of SI units, and brand names. For more detailed information please click here and/or speak with your NIST coauthor(s).

Instrumentation Specific Articles

  1. "The 30 m Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Instruments at the National Institute of Standards and Technology", Glinka CJ, et al. J Appl. Cryst. 31(3), 430 (1998)
  2. "A refractive focusing lens system for small-angle neutron scattering" Mildner DFR, et al. J Appl. Cryst. 38(6), 979 (2005)
  3. "An imaging-plate detector for small-angle neutron scattering", Cheng YT, et al. J Appl. Cryst. 33(5), 1253 (2000)
  4. "Performance of the vertical optical filter for the NG-3 30 m SANS instrument at the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Center for Neutron Research", Cook JC, et al. Rev. Sci. Instr. 76(2), 025108 (2005)

In Press

#Article TitleAuthorsJournal TitleVolumeIssuePage NumberYear
1Small-angle neutron scattering studies of microenvironmental and structural changes of Pluronic micelles upon encapsulation of paclitaxelK. Dehvari, K.S. Lin, B. HammoudaJ. Taiwan Inst. of Chem. Engrs.Press

2017 Publications

#Article TitleAuthorsJournal TitleVolumeIssuePage NumberYear
1Device performance enhancement of polymer solar cells by nanoparticle self-assemblyW. Zhang, N.A. Nguyen, R. Murray, M.E. MackaySolar Energy Materials & Solar Cells16011262017
2Miscanthus Giganteus: A Commercially Viable Sustainable Source of Cellulose NanocrystalsE. Cudjoe, M. Hunsen, Z. Xue, A.E. Way, E. Barrios, R.A. Olson, M.J. Hore, S.J. RowanCarb. Pol.15512302017

2016 Publications

#Article TitleAuthorsJournal TitleVolumeIssuePage NumberYear
1Antimicrobial loading into and release from poly(ethylene glycol)/poly(acrylic acid) semi-interpenetrating hydrogelsY. Wu, J. Liang, F. Horkay, M. LiberaJ Poly. Sci. B541642016
2Asymmetrical phase separation and gelation in binary mixtures of oppositely charged colloidsY. Zong, G. Yuan, C.C. HanJ Chem. Phys.145010149042016
3Chapter Six - Deuterium Labeling Together with Contrast Variation Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Suggests How Skip Captures and Releases Unfolded Outer Membrane ProteinsN.R. Zaccai, C.W. Sandlin, J.T. Hoopes, J.E. Curtis, P.J. Fleming, K.G. Fleming, S. KruegerMethods in Enzymology56611592016
4Characterization of a Biomimetic Mesophase Composed of Nonionic Surfactants and an Aqueous SolventV. Adrien, G. Rayan, M. Reffay, L. Porcar, A. Maldonado, A. Ducruix, W. Urbach, N. TaulierLangmuir3240102682016
5Complex Coacervate Core Micelles for the Dispersion and Stabilization of Organophosphate Hydrolase in Organic SolventsC.E. Mills, A.C. Obermeyer, X. Dong, J. Walker, B.D. OlsenLangmuir3250133672016
6Complex coacervation of supercharged proteins with polyelectrolytesA.C. Obermeyer, C.E. Mills, X.H. Dong, R.J. Flores, B.D. OlsenSoft Matter121535702016
7Correlation between morphology and device performance of pBTTT:PC71BM solar cellsW. Zhang, H. Shen, B. Guralnick, B.J. Kirby, N.A. Nguyen, R. Remy, C.F. Majkrzak, M.E. MackaySolar Energy Materials & Solar Cells15513872016
8Effect of Hierarchical Cluster Formation on the Viscosity of Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody Formulations Studied by Neutron ScatteringP.D. Godfrin, I.E. Zarraga, J. Zarzar, L. Porcar, P. Falus, N.J. Wagner, Y. LiuJ Phys. Chem. B12022782016
9Effect of charge on the mechanical properties of surfactant bilayersR. Bradbury, M. NagaoSoft Matter124693832016
10Erratum: “The polymerization of actin: Structural changes from small-angle neutron scattering” [J. Chem. Phys. 123, 154904 (2005)]A.I. Norman, R. Ivkov, J.G. Forbes, S.C. GreerJ Chem. Phys.144222299022016
11Highly branched and loop-rich gels via formation of metal-organic cages linked by polymersA.V. Zhukhovitsky, M. Zhong, E.G. Keeler, V.K. Michaelis, J.E. Sun, M.J. Hore, D.J. Pochan, R.G. Griffin, A.P. Willard, J.A. JohnsonNature Chem.81332016
12Internal Structure of 15 nm 3-Helix Micelle Revealed by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering and Coarse-Grained MD SimulationJ. Ang, D. Ma, R. Lund, S. Keten, T. XuBiomacromol.171032622016
13Linkage-specific conformational ensembles of non-canonical polyubiquitin chainsC.A. Castaneda, A. Chaturvedi, C.M. Camara, J.E. Curtis, S. Krueger, D. FushmanPhys. Chem. Chem. Phys.18857712016
14Magnetic Surfactants and Polymers with Gadolinium Counterions for Protein SeparationsP. Brown, L. Bromberg, M.I. Rial-Hermida, M. Wasbrough, T.A. Hatton, C. Alvarez-LorenzoLangmuir3236992016
15Mesoscale solubilization and critical phenomena in binary and quasi-binary solutions of hydrotropesA.E. Robertson, D.H. Phan, J.E. Macaluso, V.N. Kuryakov, E.V. Jouravleva, C.E. Bertrand, I.K. Yudin, M.A. AnisimovFluid Phase Equilibria40712432016
16Methane Adsorption in Model Mesoporous Material, SBA-15, Studied by Small-Angle Neutron ScatteringW.S. Chiang, E. Fratini, P. Baglioni, D. Georgi, J.H. Chen, Y. LiuJ Phys. Chem. C120843542016
17Microscopic Chain Motion in Polymer Nanocomposites with Dynamically Asymmetric InterphasesE. Senses, A. Faraone, P. AkcoraSci. Rep.6129326 2016
18Modulation of the Mechanical Properties of Hydrophobically Modified Supramolecular Hydrogels by Surfactant-Driven Structural RearrangementC. Wang, C.G. Wiener, Z. Cheng, B.D. Vogt, R.A. WeissMacromol.492392282016
19Multiscale metrologies for process optimization of carbon nanotube polymer compositesB. Natarajan, N. Orloff, R. Ashkar, S. Doshi, K. Twedt, A. Krishnamurthy, C. Davis, A.M. Forster, E. Thostenson, J. Obrzut, R. Sharma, J.A. LiddleCarbon10813812016
20Oil-in-Water-in-Oil Multinanoemulsions for Templating Complex NanoparticlesP.M. deMolina, M. Zhang, A.V. Bayles, M.E. HelgesonNano Lett.161273252016
21One-dimensional ionic self-assembly in a fluorous solution: the structure of tetra-n-butylammonium tetrakis[3,5-bis(perfluorohexyl)phenyl]borate in perfluoromethylcyclohexane by small-angle neutron scattering (SANS)K.A. Rubinson, P. Buhlmann, T.C. AllisonPhys. Chem. Chem. Phys.181494702016
22Pore Size Effect on Methane Adsorption in Mesoporous Silica Materials Studied by Small-Angle Neutron ScatteringW.S. Chiang, E. Fratini, P. Baglioni, J.H. Chen, Y. LiuLangmuir323588492016
23Principles Governing the Self-Assembly of Coiled-Coil Protein Nanoparticles G. Indelicato, N. Wahome, P. Ringler, S.A. Muller, M.P. Nieh, P. Burkhard, R. TwarockBiophys. J11036462016
24Quantification of Organic Porosity and Water Accessibility in Marcellus Shale Using Neutron ScatteringX. Gu, D.F. Mildner, D.R. Cole, G. Rother, R. Slingerland, S.L. BrantleyEnergy & Fuels30644382016
25Role of Molecular Flexibility and Colloidal Descriptions of Proteins in Crowded Environments from Small-Angle ScatteringM.M. Castellanos, N.J. Clark, M.C. Watson, S. Krueger, A. McAuley, J.E. CurtisJ Phys. Chem. B12049125112016
26SANS study on self-assembled structures of glucose-responsive phenylboronate ester-containing diblock copolymerY. Zhang, W. Zhao, J. Yang, B. Hammouda, J. Yang, G. ChengEuro. Poly. J8311732016
27Structural analysis of dendrimers based on polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane and their assemblies in solution by small-angle neutron scattering: Fits to a modified two correlation lengths modelG. Yuan, X. Wang, D. Wu, B. HammoudaPolymer10011192016
28Structure Tuning of Electrostatically Self- Assembled Nanoparticles through pHG. Mariani, R. Schweins, F. GroehnJ Phys. Chem. B120713802016
29Structure and Dynamics of Interacting Nanoparticles in Semidilute Polymer SolutionsR. Poling-Skutvik, K.S. Mongcopa, A. Faraone, S. Narayanan, J.C. Conrad, R. KrishnamoortiMacromol.491765682016
30Study of (Cyclic Peptide)–Polymer Conjugate Assemblies by Small-Angle Neutron ScatteringM.L. Koh, P.A. FitzGerald, G.G. Warr, K.A. Jolliffe, S. PerrierChem. Eur. J.2251184192016
31Supramolecular Hydrophobic Aggregates in Hydrogels Partially Inhibit Ice FormationC.G. Wiener, M. Tyagi, Y. Liu, R.A. Weiss, B.D. VogtJ Phys. Chem. B1202455432016
32Sustained release of active chemotherapeutics from injectable-solid β-hairpin peptide hydrogelJ.E. Sun, B. Stewart, A. Litan, S.J. Lee, J.P. Schnieder, S.A. Langhans, D.J. PochanBiomater Sci458392016
33Tuning the properties of injectable poly(oligoethylene glycol methacrylate) hydrogels by controlling precursor polymer molecular weightI. Urosev, I. Urosev, E. Bakaic, E. Bakaic, R.J. Alsop, R.J. Alsop, M.C. Rheinstadter, M.C. Rheinstadter, T. Hoare, T. HoareJ. Mater. Chem. B44065412016
34Ultra-small-angle neutron scattering with azimuthal asymmetryX. Gu, D.F. MildnerJ Appl. Cryst.4939342016
35Water Nanocluster Formation in the Ionic Liquid 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate ([C4mim][BF4])-D2O MixturesJ. Gao, N.J. WagnerLangmuir322050782016

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