Instrument Schedule for ng7sans

Date Days ID Title Participants Affiliation Equip Contact
Apr 27 1 SANS calibration SANS Staff 10CB
Apr 28 1 UD graduate scattering course practical (and feasibility) SANS Staff 10CB
Apr 29 3 22237 Crystallization of grafted P3HT from solution Y. Mao, J.K. Keum UMD/NIST, ORNL 10CB Mao
May 2 3 22131 Polyolefin blends C Lopez-Barron (EXM) EXM 10CB
May 5 4 22187 Magnetic SANS from single crystal (Pr,Ca)1-yYyCoO3 C Leighton U Minnesota CCR Barker
May 9 2 Reserved Reserved
May 11 2 22258 DieRheoSANS commissioning on solutions of carbon black and Triton X-1** J. Richards, P. Butler, N. Wagner UD, NIST RheoG2 Butler/Liu
May 13 4 Behavior of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate in aqueous solution T. Lodge, R. Ricarte UMN 10CB Butler
May 17 3 20861 Origins of Anomalous Spin Scattering in Manganese Ferrite Y Ijiri(Oberlin)
S Majetch(CMU)
J Borchers
K Krycka(NIST)
Oberlin HM1,He Krycka
May 20 5 20836 SANS characterization of nanoscale phases in neutron R Odette
P Wells (UCSB)
U california-Santa Barbara HM1 Barker
May 25 2 A Small Angle Neutron Scattering Study Purified Disulfide Isoforms Seen in Pharmaceutical Monoclonal Antibodies. J. Curtis, S. Krueger, N. Clark, T. Dillon, J. Pollastrini, D. Piedmonte, A. McAuley, NIST, AMGEN 10CB Krueger
May 27 2 Proprietary Moderna research C. Bowerman. M.P. Nieh Moderna, U. Conn 10CB
May 29 1 Reserved Reserved
May 30 2 Summer School test experiment W. Chiang, Y. Liu UD, UMD, NIST Pres Liu
Jun 1 2 21958 Measuring Chain Conformation of Sequence-Defined Helical E Davidson
A Patterson
R Segalman (UCSB)
Jun 3 2 21778 Rotation of Fe3O4 nanoparticle dimers in applied magnetic fields E. Brok, J. Borchers, K. Krycka, C. Dennis, E. Vreeland, D. Huber UMD, NIST, Senior Scientific, Sandia NL He3 Krycka
Jun 5 1 22271 1.5 days - Direct Inversion of SANS Data Using Magnetic Reference Tags E. Brok, K. Krycka, C. Majkrzak UMD, NIST HM1 Krycka
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9P: 9-Position ambient sample changer; 10CB: 10-Position sample changer (-10 to 100 ° C); VF: Vacuum Furnace; 7CB: 7-Position sample changer (-10 to 100 ° C); 7H: 7-Position Heating Block (up to 200 ° C); 7HB: 7-Position Heating Block with BN (up to 300 ° C); HM1: Horizontal High-Field Electromagnet (2 Tesla); HM2: Horizontal Low-Field Electromagnet (0.5 Tesla); DI: Closed cycle, displex, refrigerator (10 K to 330 K); MSC: Minnesota Sliding Plate Shear Cell. BSC: Boulder Couette Flow Shear Cell; NPC: NIST Pressure Cell; SCMA: Superconducting Magnet (9 Tesla); 2H: 2-Position, high precision heating stage (up to 250 °C); VR: Vertical Rotation Stage; SE: Special Environment;

Paul Butler (x2028), John Barker (x6732), Markus Bleuel (x5165), Cedric Gagnon (x2020), Boualem Hammouda (x3961), Susan Krueger (x6734), Jeff Krzywon (x6650), Yun Liu (x6235), Yimin Mao (x6017), Susana Teixeira (x4404),

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