Instrument Schedule for ng3sans

Date Days ID Title Participants Affiliation Equip Contact
Oct 28 1 13529 instrument calibration SANS staff NIST Gagnon
Oct 29 2 18823 Magnetic Nanoemulsions T Hatton
P Brown (MIT)
MIT 10CB Wasbrough
Oct 31 1 18650 SANS Measurements of Polystyrene in Anodized Aluminum Oxide WS Tung
K Winey (U Penn)
U Penn 10CB Liu
Nov 1 3 18756 Supramolecular self-assembly of a new organogelator molecule F Horkay
Y Gao (NIH)
J Douglas (NIST)
NIH, NIST 10CB Hammouda
Nov 4 1 19131 SANS Studies of Lipid Nanodiscs with GPCR in D2O buffers S. Krueger, A. Altieri, J. Marino, P. Reddy NIST 10CB Krueger
Nov 5 3 19113 Critical magnetic Scattering in high doping Co1-xFexS2, x = 0.42 C. Leigthon, S. El-Kahtib UMN, AUS DI Barker
Nov 8 3 18795 Are adsorbed polymer layers necessary to achieve M Crawford (Dupont)
S Kumar
N Jouault (Columbia U)
Dupont, Columbia U 10CB Hammouda
Nov 11 1 19127 Determination of Growth Mechanism for Bromide-Free Synthesis of Au NRs, and M. Hore B. Hammouda 10CB Hammouda
Nov 12 1 18812 Effects of tree throw on porosity evolution during shale X Gu
S Brantley (Penn State U)
Pann State U 10CB Mildner
Y Jiao
(Stevens Inst Tech)
Stevens Ins Tech 10CB Butler
Nov 15 3 18878 Ionic Poly Dots: Structure and Conformation of Ionic T Etampawala
D Perahia (Clemson U)
Clemson U 10CB Hammouda
Nov 18 3 19121 SANS study of engineered herpes simplex virus N. Clark, J. Curtis, S. Krueger, A. McAuley, J. Litowski NIST, Amgen 10CB Krueger
Nov 21 10 mid cycle shutdown mid cycle shutdown 10CB
Dec 2 1 Feasibility SANS Staff 10CB Gagnon
Dec 3 1 18812 Effects of tree throw on porosity evolution during shale X Gu
S Brantley (Penn State U)
Pann State U 10CB Mildner
Dec 4 2 18689 Utilizing SANS to Detect Moisture in Foamed Asphalt B Huang
X Shu
Y Zhang (U Tennessee)
U Tennessee 10CB Liu
Dec 6 1 19138 Map the phase diagram of DL64 by small angle neutron scattering J. Chen, Y. Liu UD, Tsinghua U, NIST 10CB Liu
Dec 7 1 Structure of carbon composite materials R. Ashkar, P. Butler UMD, NIST 10CB Butler
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Tel: (301)975-3961, Fax: (301)921-9847, E-mail:
Instrument Tel: (301)975-4163 Changover time: 10:00 a.m.

9P: 9-Position ambient sample changer;
10CB: 10-Position sample changer (-10 to 100 ° C);
VF: Vacuum Furnace;
7CB: 7-Position sample changer (-10 to 100 ° C);
7H: 7-Position Heating Block (up to 200 ° C);
7HB: 7-Position Heating Block with BN (up to 300 ° C);
HM1: Horizontal High-Field Electromagnet (2 Tesla);
HM2: Horizontal Low-Field Electromagnet (0.5 Tesla);
DI: Closed cycle, displex, refrigerator (10 K to 330 K);
MSC: Minnesota Sliding Plate Shear Cell;
BSC: Boulder Couette Flow Shear Cell;
NPC: NIST Pressure Cell;
SCMA: Superconducting Magnet (9 Tesla);
2H: 2-Position, high precision heating stage (up to 250 °C);
VR: Vertical Rotation Stage;
OC: Orange Cryostat;
SE: Special Environment;

Paul Butler (x2028), John Barker (x6732), Cedric Gagnon (x2020), Boualem Hammouda (x3961), Steve R. Kline (x6243), Susan Krueger (x6734), Jeff Krzywon (x6650), Mark Laver (x4404), Lionel Porcar (x5049)

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